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July 13, 2020

Readers and fans and those who just wandered in…

This donation page has existed for at least the past five years – and a handful of you have taken advantage of it.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!

But now…I’m going to place the DONATE button up a little higher in my ad space, a bit louder… because…my income…which in the past has come from local advertisers, Google Ads places around my site and from my book sales – has dwindled SUBSTANTIALLY.  I’d say it is down 80%.

And I am the sole breadwinner in this household right now.

If this button doesn’t work for  you – and for some reason…people were telling me about error messages – my direct Paypal is [email protected]

I appreciate all the kind words and gestures over my NINE YEARS WRITING THE SANPEDROSCOOP!  (Holy shit.)

If you can make a donation to the SanPedroScoop – yes…that’s me…I’d very much appreciate it.  Things are getting very tight around here.

PLEASE make sure you send me your email address (it’s usually a part of Paypal’s information but please make sure!) so I can ask you what you want to hear about on the Scoop!

Write a blog post about your neighborhood?  Or a favorite resort?  An update on Secret Beach?  Just want to postcard from Belize?  If it’s not too controversial or impossible to do (I don’t think Mayor Danny will allow me to run the town for a day!), I’ll most certainly try to make it happen.

Thanks guys.  For everything.