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I’ve thought about this for over two years…since I started blogging in June 2011. Should I… shouldn’t I… is it totally low quality…in bad taste?  How can I word it?


But I figure: If some readers are receptive, that’s amazing. If some aren’t? That’s cool too. Best just to come out with it… all this build-up is making this sound more exciting than it is and really… it’s quite simple.

In 2013, I decided to make my full time job. My business. It wasn’t a totally easy decision; I actually struggled with it quite a bit. I absolutely LOVE blogging about Belize, it’s honestly changed my world BUT it’s relatively expensive. As travelling without a steady paycheck tends to be. This is not a job with set hours, overtime bonuses and a cushy pension plan. (Do those jobs exist anymore?)


So, I’m putting up a Paypal Support button. THERE IT IS.  Sponsorship, subscription, “go eat a piece of Caye Lime pie”, “please, please, please visit North Ambergris Caye more often”, however you want to look at it.  To contribute to my travelling,  posting and the technical aspects of my website.

And while this is MY opinionated guide to Belize (MINE! ALL MINE!), I always love feedback, tips, suggestions, recommendations. I (almost always) really like getting comments and emails from people that have been to Belize 25 times and those who are just visiting. I do my best to respond to all of them.


So if you’d like to contribute, I would so appreciate it. It will certainly insure that you get a SanPedroScoop postcard from Belize. And it would give me the freedom and flexibility to report back on as much as I possibly can, to give you the scoop and help improve my web page over the coming months.

Here’s the PayPal button…for you to use or not to use. No pressure at all. Seriously.

OR, very exciting, for those that operate in the world of Bitcoin…

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