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Election Day in Belize

Date/Time: Wednesday, November 11th, 2020, All Day

Elections in Belize are on the horizon – just one week after elections in the USA this year.

The current Prime Minister, Dean Barrow, is stepping down after 3 terms in office – Barrow started his first term as Prime Minister after victory in the 2008 election. He started his second term after the UDP again won an election on 7 March 2012. He started his third term when the UDP won again on 4 November 2015.

(It is generally a 5-year term – max- but elections can be called earlier)

Belize is a two-party system – the UDP vs. the PUP.  Eligible voters dast a ballot for their Area Representative – the 31 Representatives for the different areas of Belize.  Majority wins.

Here are some interesting facts about elections in Belize – like…THERE IS NO ALCOHOL SOLD OR CONSUMED ON ELECTION DAY!