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North Ambergris Caye Proposed Development Project Caribbean Developers (Belize) Limited Pre-Meeting

Date/Time: Wednesday, November 16th, 2016, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

You can read about this COMPLETELY ABSURD PLAN for the Cayo Frances area on North Ambergris Caye in the attached San Pedro Sun article but let me get to my bottom line.

There is a pre-EIA meeting for this plan on Wednesday at the Lions’ Den.  It is a “factual” meeting.  Maybe that there is a small percent chance that this will get started.  And a zero percent chance that it will ever be completed.  I’d call those the facts.

“The construction project will be divided into three phases, and is set to be completed over a period of 10 to 20 years. The development is designed to be equipped with 12 hotel complexes spanning 375 acres and offering 6,100 suites; 302 multi-family complexes spanning 430 acres and offering a total of 1,210 units; 835 single family residences spanning 965 acres; 20 over-water villas spanning 30 acres; 400 beach club condominium units on 20 acres of Caribbean beach front; as well as a transit pier on five acres, and a free zone established on 140 acres; for a total of 8,565 suits, units and residences, to be established on 2,110 acres. The amenities include: boating facilities; spa and fitness clubs, and a golf course.”


The people that drew this plan AND the fact that the government would even CALL an Environmental Impact Study for this project is PREPOSTEROUS.

Makes me think that…

  •  The government has no idea what tourism in Belize is about – 10 casino hotels and a 190 acres golf course in the middle of mangroves and wetland?  Why not explore for oil AND let developers put this CRAP out to the media.  Oh wait…they’ve done that.
  • Not only do they have no clue but they think that what everyone else is doing on this island is a complete joke.  That we have all wasting years of our time making Ambergris Caye into something that our guests would enjoy.  Top island on TripAdvisor for two years?  So what?  Surely the Government of Belize knows better.  Why not COMPLETELY change the face of the entire island because these greedy, GREEDY developers may build this monstrosity?
  • Let’s not even get started on the environment.  The pristine wetlands and flats of the leeward side and her lagoons…let’s fill ’em in and dump fertilizer all over them and PLAY GOLF!
  • AND if this property is in receivership, and this is just a ploy to market the land, does the DOE allow anyone to submit ANYTHING?  Just to make the land more marketable?  Perhaps I propose a Disney Belize on private property.  UGH.

I could go on for days…but enough is enough is enough is enough.  The GOB, letting anyone and everyone with $100,000 and a money-making ponzi scheme, put out a plan for development on land that should have NEVER been sold in the first place is a huge insult to the hard working people of this island.

Whether it’s Cayo Frances or Cayo Rosario, these developments SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.  When is the government going to start taking its own advice when it comes to small sustainable tourism?

This kind of crap makes me think never.

Hope to see you at the pre-EIA town meeting at the Lion’s Den.