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Sip N Swap

Date/Time: Saturday, September 29th, 2018, 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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Finding clothes on the island is HARD.  There is no Target…no Gap…no chain stores.  And if like cotton…like I do?  The pacas (or used clothing stores) are sometimes your best bet.  But man…you have to look thru TONS of crap.  So this is a great idea at Coco’s Loco just over the bridge.

Ladies and Gents of SP! We are hosting a clothing EXCHANGE! Bring us your stuff you’re tired of wearing, and take home some new-to-you garments!

You’ll be issued a ticket for each item you bring, and that’s how many you can exchange. If you bring nothing, no worries! You can buy things! All extra items will be $2 BZ, and proceeds donated to SHINE. All extra clothing items not scooped up will be donated to the Roman Catholic Church “store” for parishioners.

So bring us your tops, bottoms, dresses, bathing suits, shoes etc. (please no undergarments) PLEASE BRING HANGERS IF YOU HAVE THEM! We will give them back!