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An Update on Oil Exploration In Belize And Other Things

Friday night, The Belize Coalition for Save Our National Heritage held a meeting for San Pedro residents to catch up after the HISTORIC public meeting back in October.  The coalition is made up of over 30 organizations and on Friday night, there was a representative from the World Wildlife Foundation (Belize), Oceana Belize and theKeep reading »

San Pedranos Acted Out of Emotion, Not Information on OUR REEF. Really?

You may have noticed that for the past week, instead of San Pedro happenings, parties, invites to this beautiful country, new restaurants and pretty pictures of the beach, my blog has taken a different tone.  One that I couldn’t feel more passionate about – one that I know this town and this country feels passionate aboutKeep reading »

Oil Exploration Has Halted in Belize BUT THIS MUST BE LAW

Last Thursday afternoon, the residents of Ambergris Caye turned out in droves and PACKED the morning meeting scheduled by the Government of Belize to address the questions of the public. Karen Brodie (her photography page) took some beautiful photos of the crowd.  Kids of all ages with notes…asking questions…tour guides, fishermen, hotel operators, citizens. QuestionsKeep reading »

Belize Approves Offshore Oil Exploration Starting This Week: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Just a few days ago, the venerable Outside magazine published a heartbreaking article about Australia’s reef titled Obituary:  The Great Barrier Reef 25 Million BC to 2016. It’s interesting that just this week, the Prime Minister and Cabinet of Belize is allowing, without public consultation and amidst a wave of corruption scandals in the pretty much brokeKeep reading »

Today, The Supreme Court of Belize Made a Historic Judgement For Equality

Up until this morning, it was illegal to be a homosexual man in Belize.  Today at 10am, the justice at the Belize Supreme court, after deliberating for…years…turned that around.   Acceptance rather than rejection?  Love rather than hate?  Belize just got more beautiful for me today. I asked my friend Colette Kase, who flew to BelizeKeep reading »

My Election Day in Belize: A Bit of Rain and a UDP Victory

The UDP has won in Belize – 18 seats vs. 13 seats, I believe is the current countrywide count – and Prime Minister Dean Barrow is taking his third term.  Currently, there is no limit on terms that a prime minister can hold.  (Here is an old San Pedro Sun article with some of PMKeep reading »