Chichicastenango: A Huge Colorful Market in the Mountains of Guatemala

Anyone who asks ‘What happened to the Maya people?’ has never been to Guatemala.  The indigenous people of the country who identify as Maya comprise 40% of the population.  And in some areas, the percentages are much higher, you hear the Maya dialects spoken everywhere and the dress is absolutely gorgeous. Chichicastenango (pronounced just likeKeep reading »

Antigua, Guatemala: The Food And the Restaurants

When I set out on my trip to Guatemala almost two weeks ago, I had no clue what the food would be like…but after living in Belize for 10 years, I could make an educated guess.  Beans and rice, for sure.  Chicken and chilies.  A mix of Mayan and Latin/Spanish influences. And lots and lotsKeep reading »

Guatemala’s BELOVED Pollo Campero: Is the Fried Chicken Worth the Wait?

From all the talk I’ve heard about Pollo Campero, I could only surmise that it is the very best fried chicken in Central America..perhaps the world.   The family owned chain has 350+ franchises included about 70 in the US…and I’ve heard people remember it with eyes tearing and mouths watering.  According to the empire, it’s “theKeep reading »

Flores, Guatemala: Is it More Than Just Tikal?

Just 2 days ago, I embarked on my 2 week trip in Guatemala.  Not exactly backpacking since the idea of sharing a dorm room with the young party crowd makes me feel…well…tired. But a lazy tour taken solo with a budget (or a guideline budget of $50US a day) – no real schedule or plans exceptKeep reading »

Finn Kardashian Does Central America, Episode 3: Guatemala & El Salvador

Last we left our UNESCO heritage friend, Finn, in Lake Atilan – a gorgeous volcanic lake and also the deepest in Central America at over 3000 feet.  If you missed the first two episodes, check them out.  Episode One – Sailing Down the Coast of Belize and Two – Guatemala. Here’s my original description of FinnKeep reading »

Finn Kardashian Does Central America: Episode Two, Guatemala

So once again it is time to check in our intrepid backpacker, Finn.  (Learn more about him in Episode One).  Here he is in San Pedro living life Finn Style – “working” at Rojo Beach Bar. We’ve following him sailing along the coast of Belize and down to Livingston Guatemala.  I’m going to post aKeep reading »

Trips Taken Outside of Belize…Part One, Tikal and Santa Elena, Guatemala

When I first moved to San Pedro, I pictured myself flitting about Central America a few times a year.  Bocas de Toros, Panama maybe.  Surfing in Costa Rica, why not?   Nicaragua’s Corn Islands one week…maybe Lake Atitlan, Guatemala few months later.  Little did I know… Travelling quickly and cheaply from Belize and around Central America is almost anKeep reading »