Holidays & Festivals

San Pedro Township Day: Canuck’s, Estel’s, the Clock Tower and a Parade

An article was published in one of the local papers a few weeks ago anticipating the November 27, 2011’s Township Parade.  It described prizes for best floats, lots of kids and called the event “grand”.  I love a parade!  After the splendor that was the Independence Day Parade, I was getting pretty excited. We headed intoKeep reading »

Happy 27th Township Day in San Pedro!

San Pedro loves a good party and a good holiday.  And today is Township Day.  Celebrated each November 27th, it commemorates that date in 1984 when San Pedro officially became a town.  Not to be confused with San Pedro Day which takes place in June to celebrate the first families moving to Ambergris Caye toKeep reading »

Halloween: No Joke in San Pedro, Belize

And the pouring rain at 7pm wasn’t going to stop a thing.  (Things dried out by about 8.30).  There are big parties EVERYWHERE with the very biggest at the Holiday Hotel.   That one doesn’t stop until the sun comes up.   I decided to keep it relatively low key (if that is even possible)Keep reading »

Happy Columbus Day or better yet, Pan-American Day

I first planned to do a trivia quiz on Christopher Columbus but it got too depressing.  I couldn’t find one good thing to say about the guy…other than he was brave enough (or greedy enough) to face quite a bit of uncertainty to sail to an “unknown world” to try to get rich.  1.  HeKeep reading »

Best Independence Day in The World: Parade & Hot Dog Eating Contest, Part Two

Ok…let’s get back into it.  If you missed Part One, you are going to want to read it.  And lucky for you, I have it available right here with just a click of your mouse., the parade was rocking, we were all sweating and the next group was absolutely one of my favorites.  The BlueKeep reading »

By George, What a Gorgeous Day For A Parade

After a week of so-so weather, the skies opened up and September 10th, St. George’s Caye Day, was GORGEOUS.  Perfect.  An ideal day for a holiday.  And so I decided to walk into town for the School Uniform Parade. Here’s what I encountered when I took the beach walk.  Great breeze, clear water… This isKeep reading »

What Holiday is September 10th?

Ok, I know it’s a celebration of the Battle of St. George’s Caye.  I know we have this mini-canon memorial right outside my condo.  (I’ve always wonder why this is here).   But that’s about all I’ve got… So I did a bit of reading…and here is what I learned. The Battle of St. George’s Caye occured SeptKeep reading »

What is the deal with Dia De San Pedro?

Okay…so I have been here for 4 summers…or maybe five.  And I’ve heard very few things about this festival…seen the green, red and white flags flying in town but I have very little idea what it is about.  In fact, the only information I’ve got is from “Good Morning, San Pedro” and most of that was inKeep reading »