Holidays & Festivals

St. Patrick’s Day in San Pedro

San Pedro embraces all holidays whole heartedly. Particularly the ones that involve parties and Guinness.  If you are looking to go out this weekend, here are some of the festivities on the island. Friday Night: Pedro’s Inn 8th Annual St Patrick’s Day Party.  Gino and the Shackshakers performing.  Black Velvets (Guinness and Champagne) being served.Keep reading »

Vandalism or Just Good, Traditional Fun? Carnaval In San Pedro, Belize

Yesterday, I posted the fun side of Carnaval.  Like this picture… But a local businessman posted something this morning that made me go out and take a second look.  He wrote (allow me to paraphrase a bit):  “Carnaval…promotes the destruction and defacing of private property and makes our town look like a dump” and “AnyoneKeep reading »

Carnaval in San Pedro: Dancing and Lots & Lots of Paint

Why let New Orleans and Rio De Janeiro have all the fun?  San Pedro, Belize has been celebrating Mardi Gras or Carnival for as long as anyone can remember.  It is three days of dancing, partying and lots and lots of paint. Yesterday, Sunday, was day one.  And we saw the first comparsas…I think aKeep reading »

Getting Ready for Carnaval: Friday Night in San Pedro, Belize

Wine De Vine always has a very popular Friday night event where people get together, sip (or guzzle) wine and eat cheese, pate and other goodies.  Yesterday, it was a full blown Mardi Gras party with free masks and beads… And, if you wore green, purple or yellow, you received a free glass of wine.Keep reading »

Why YOU Should Visit Belize In February

So I am a few days late (let’s make that a week) but these monthly posts remain some of my most popular.  Allow me to update it for February.  There are some things that appeared in earlier months but there are some good reasons that make February different.THE BACHELOR:  This IQ Point drainingly awesome showKeep reading »

The Holiday Lights of San Pedro

Last night, San Pedro’s favorite weekly newspaper, The San Pedro Sun, hit the streets in a bedazzled golf cart cavalcade to find the very best holiday decorations.  No easy task.  There are so many beautifully lit houses, so many semi-hidden displays in back yards, on decks, in secret courtyards that this was an all nightKeep reading »

AAARRRGGGHHHH! The Holiday Pageant at Island Academy

Last night, the children of The San Pedro Island Academy put on a Caribbean Pirate Christmas spectacular that would rival many off-Broadway shows I’ve seen.  I kid you not.  These kids were singing and acting their hearts out. (I’m going with all extra large pictures today not because my pics are so good – IKeep reading »

Sixth Annual Holiday Boat Parade: Love, Love, Love It

The Sixth Annual Boat Parade was such a crazy success this year.  Lots of boats, TONS of people, booths with food and drink, marching bands, dancers, kids singing carols…everyone was enjoying one of the best parties of the year. Look how happy we all are! I met up with an ex-co worker that I hadn’tKeep reading »

San Pedro Township Day: Canuck’s, Estel’s, the Clock Tower and a Parade

An article was published in one of the local papers a few weeks ago anticipating the November 27, 2011’s Township Parade.  It described prizes for best floats, lots of kids and called the event “grand”.  I love a parade!  After the splendor that was the Independence Day Parade, I was getting pretty excited. We headed intoKeep reading »

Happy 27th Township Day in San Pedro!

San Pedro loves a good party and a good holiday.  And today is Township Day.  Celebrated each November 27th, it commemorates that date in 1984 when San Pedro officially became a town.  Not to be confused with San Pedro Day which takes place in June to celebrate the first families moving to Ambergris Caye toKeep reading »

Halloween: No Joke in San Pedro, Belize

And the pouring rain at 7pm wasn’t going to stop a thing.  (Things dried out by about 8.30).  There are big parties EVERYWHERE with the very biggest at the Holiday Hotel.   That one doesn’t stop until the sun comes up.   I decided to keep it relatively low key (if that is even possible)Keep reading »

Happy Columbus Day or better yet, Pan-American Day

I first planned to do a trivia quiz on Christopher Columbus but it got too depressing.  I couldn’t find one good thing to say about the guy…other than he was brave enough (or greedy enough) to face quite a bit of uncertainty to sail to an “unknown world” to try to get rich.  1.  HeKeep reading »

Best Independence Day in The World: Parade & Hot Dog Eating Contest, Part Two

Ok…let’s get back into it.  If you missed Part One, you are going to want to read it.  And lucky for you, I have it available right here with just a click of your mouse., the parade was rocking, we were all sweating and the next group was absolutely one of my favorites.  The BlueKeep reading »

By George, What a Gorgeous Day For A Parade

After a week of so-so weather, the skies opened up and September 10th, St. George’s Caye Day, was GORGEOUS.  Perfect.  An ideal day for a holiday.  And so I decided to walk into town for the School Uniform Parade. Here’s what I encountered when I took the beach walk.  Great breeze, clear water… This isKeep reading »

What Holiday is September 10th?

Ok, I know it’s a celebration of the Battle of St. George’s Caye.  I know we have this mini-canon memorial right outside my condo.  (I’ve always wonder why this is here).   But that’s about all I’ve got… So I did a bit of reading…and here is what I learned. The Battle of St. George’s Caye occured SeptKeep reading »