Holidays & Festivals

What to Expect from Easter on Ambergris Caye: 2018

Today is Holy Thursday and the beginning of the holiday shut-down around Belize.   We are in the midst of the holiest week – leading up to the holiest day – in the Christian calendar.  It’s a huge celebration around the world. Religion aside, it’s also a vacation week for lots of the world’s kids.  AndKeep reading »

My Weekend on Ambergris Caye: Color, Color, Colors!

The island is absolutely hopping – new businesses are opening daily.  Literally. The streets are full of tourists and golf carts and starting today with…dancing and paint.   AND… CARNAVAL IN SAN PEDRO – a one of a kind holiday to party into Lent.  Mardi Gras. The weather is absolutely gorgeous – the sky and waterKeep reading »

The Holiday Lighted Boat Parade Brings Even MORE Christmas to San Pedro

Last night, 9 or 10 boats lined up just north of town, switched on their generators and to the delight of the residents of San Pedro, puttered along the shoreline playing carols and throwing candy, shooting fire (!) and trying to stay in formation.  It’s the cutest.  One of my favorite FAVORITE ways to getKeep reading »

Every Who Down in Who-Ville was at Ambergris Caye’s Truck Stop Last Night

San Pedro’s Truck Stop hit another one out of the park last night.  The Holiday Craft fair, Christmas tree lighting and visit from Santa was jam packed with locals and visitors, kids and adults and quite a few dogs. They outdid themselves with decorations this year…lights and Santas everywhere.  The stage looked PERFECT for holidayKeep reading »

Myth: Thanksgiving in Belize Just Wouldn’t Feel like THANKSGIVING!

There is nothing Black about this Friday.  The weather is glorious on Ambergris Caye.  Perfect for just about everything. Especially Thanksgiving and the massive amount of food that comes along with this CLASSIC American holiday. Now I know what some of you might be thinking… “It just wouldn’t be the same to celebrate Thanksgiving inKeep reading »

So Much to be Thankful for On Ambergris Caye

Last year I wrote my thanks-giving primer:  24 Small Things I Love About Living on Ambergris Caye.   Hardly EVER having to set an alarm may be near  or at the top of the list. Thanksgiving is tomorrow.  I have a friend visiting Belize…we are all making turkey legs, sweet potatoes, (canned) cranberry sauce and stuffingKeep reading »

What to Expect in November & December on Ambergris Caye

We are starting to see more tourists on the island.  Tempatures are dropping up north so it makes complete sense.  (Calgary will see a high temperature of only15 degrees F today) But the real influx – the first official wave of HIGH SEASON (by my standards) is Christmas week.  It is, perhaps, the busiest weekKeep reading »

A Guide to Packing for Belize in the Rainy Season

The thunder is rumbling this morning and I’ve received quite a few questions over the last week about The Rainy Season.  So here is some information… It has many names – the low season, the off season, hurricane season but around here on Ambergris Caye, it’s generally called the rainy season.  August, September, October, often intoKeep reading »

11 Reasons That YOU Should be in Belize in October

September celebrations are over.  Sigh.  And it is officially FALL – or so says the calendar. September, October and November are typically the “low season” in Belize.  It’s hurricane season.  I understand.  Everyone is getting back to school, summer is over and it’s time to buckle down… It may seem like an odd time toKeep reading »

San Pedro’s 2017 JUMP UP Parade Celebrates 36 Years of Independence

Happy Independence Day!  36 years ago yesterday, an official ceremony was held.  At the stroke of midnight, the UK’s Prince Michael of Kent (representing the Queen) lowered the Union Jack and Belize’s first Prime Minister, the Honorable George Price raised Belize’s flag. September 21st is celebrated EVERYWHERE in the country with fireworks, 21 gun salutesKeep reading »

September Celebrations! How To Celebrate in 2017

It’s the most wonderful month of the year.  Sure it’s hot and generally humid.  Mosquito spray is a must at dawn and dusk and the stream of tourists has slowed to a trickle.  BUT…it’s Independence Month! IT’S PARTY TIME! Belize celebrates two major holidays in September and for many, it can feel like the timeKeep reading »

San Pedro Belize Lobsterfest Starts TOMORROW! The Details

Time flies when you are busy…and having fun.  It’s already JUNE.  And that means Lobster season in Belize AND Lobster Festivals along the coast.  Placencia, Caye Caulker and…AMBERGRIS CAYE! The San Pedro Lobsterfestival was first celebrated in 2007.  My friends and I had a cupcake stand – forgot to bring any lighting – and hadKeep reading »

Get Out Your Calendars: The Spring & Summer Festivals of Belize

Belize has seasons.  In fact, we have more seasons the average place.  When it comes to weather, we have winter (cooler & dry) leading to the Easter winds, the weather gets warmer and rains lead into storm season and…repeat.  (For a bit more detail, see here.) But we also have “Busy Season” and “Slow season”…”HighKeep reading »

Belize’s March National Holiday: An Unexpected Treat

Today, Baron Bliss Day, has always been one of my favorite national holidays in Belize. A quick note:  In November, 2008, this national holiday was officially renamed “Heroes and Benefactors Day” but it remains unchanged in my heart. There are a few reasons for my love of March 9 (or whatever Monday falls closest toKeep reading »