Holidays & Festivals

The Beautiful House Lights Of Ambergris Caye, Belize

I love to take a ride (or a walk) around San Pedro just before Christmas.  Houses and businesses, big and small, decorate for the holidays.  And the town and the Bowen & Bowen Christmas tree in Central Park are a great place to start. Last night was a gorgeous evening to do it.  Flip flopsKeep reading »

Why I LOVE December on Ambergris Caye, Belize

I am no Scrooge – I’m a pretty big fan of Christmas no matter where I am.  I have now lived in Belize for over 8 years – and have spent each Christmas here on Ambergris Caye. I also spent the 33 previous Christmas seasons in the US…New Jersey to be exact.   And while IKeep reading »

The 5th Annual LoveFM Christmas Parade Brings Out All Of San Pedro’s Families

The countdown to Christmas is here…and LoveFM National Radio & TV organizes beautiful parades around the country.  Last night at sundown, families and KIDS assembled and lined the streets to watch our only land based Christmas parade here on Ambergris Caye.  (The Lighted Boat Parade is December 19th!). Here are squillions of pictures of theKeep reading »

The Tree in Central Park, Moving Town Vendors & THE Holiday Boat Parade!

Yesterday was a beautiful day in San Pedro, Belize.  So pretty, that while we were out driving to town, a crocodile was just slowing making his way north…just paddling along.  Almost…cute… I must be in the Christmas spirit! Town was hopping with visitors and change.  The town tree is going up…sponsored, I believe, by BowenKeep reading »

Happy Thanksgiving From Ambergris Caye, Belize

Happy Thanksgiving – a holiday not really celebrated by Belizeans but adopted a bit locally due to the influx of American residents and visitors. Plus – Food and football.  Friends, family, gratitude.  The one holiday where The Peanuts cartoons don’t annoy me. It’s just good stuff.  And I could go on and on about what I’m gratefulKeep reading »

Garifuna Settlement Day in Belize: Gorgeous Photos From Around the Country

Today is a national holiday in Belize celebrating the initial landing of the Garifuna people on the shores of our country.  Bringing with them an amazing culture, music, religion, language…the Garifuna culture has been recognized by UNESCO as a cultural masterpiece. For more historical context, you can read about some of it here.  Instead showKeep reading »

Dangriga, Belize: Hey White Gial!

“White Gial, you headed to the cayes?” – was the call I heard again and again as I walked around Dangriga.  Like almost every town and village in Belize, it’s a different world from San Pedro.  Almost every inch of this country has an identity and a culture all its own. With only about 9000Keep reading »

Halloween in San Pedro, Belize, 2015: It’s Not to Be Missed, Part Two

So many pictures of one of the biggest holidays in San Pedro and so. little. time.  Halloween is historically an American holiday – but a party that allows people to dress up, eat candy, get creative and sexy and party?  It’s embraced everywhere.  Especially Ambergris Caye. Beautiful Lisa from the Holiday Hotel. ESPECIALLY SAN PEDRO.Keep reading »

Halloween in San Pedro, Belize, 2015: It’s Not to Be Missed – Part One

Last night was a beauty…warm, rainless and BUSY!  The town was hoping with parties everywhere, the Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow, giving a pre-election speech in Central Park (on Halloween!  in San Pedro!), fireworks and everyone out and about celebrating. My friend Steve, owner of Lola’s Pub and co-owner of the new this seasonKeep reading »

Some of the Beauties of Fall on Ambergris Caye

For some parts of the world, there is a nip in the air and leaves are changing colors – here in Belize, October can mean rains (though we haven’t had any this October – a solid few days DUMPING in September still lingers), dying winds and flat seas.  Warm water, warm days. NONE of theseKeep reading »

San Pedro Belize’s 2015 JUMP UP Parade – THE ENERGY! Part Two

Yesterday I posted most of my pictures from the parade line-up.  Along the beach on what was a beautiful, INCREDIBLY hot day.  We had all hoped for sun…AND WE GOT IT.  Here is the parade…and the audience on Sunday.  Good grief…it was FANTASTIC! Let’s begin…I was back and forth all along the route so theKeep reading »

Maybe a Bit Late…San Pedro’s Independence Jump-Up 2015 Parade is One of my Favorites, Part One

September 21st’s parade (Belize’s 34th birthday) was considered a rain-out on Ambergris Caye.  Postponed.  Belize City cancelled theirs.  Some happened in the rain…the BIG ONE Orange Walk postponed until later that day. But San Pedro…for the first time ever…postponed until the following weekend.  And added on some additional entertainment. I was a little worried –Keep reading »

Independence Eve’s HUGE PARTY & The First Ever 21st Jump-Up Parade Rain Out

It was the BIG holiday weekend across Belize.  Independence Day – Belize’s 34th.  And San Pedro was kicking it off with a Sunday night, Independence Eve, celebration in the back Football Field, musical performances including one by Soca star Ricardo Drue..and a huge fireworks display. The weather looked iffy that afternoon but the event turned out AMAZING.  FollowKeep reading »

A Coronation, A Huge Parade and a Greasy Pole Climb: Yesterday’s Holiday to Celebrate the Battle of St. George’s Caye

The title is long and I took 219 photos yesterday between 9am and 2pm.  Yesterday was the first official holiday in the month long celebration that is SEPTEMBER CELEBRATIONS IN BELIZE.  September 10th commemorates the Battle of St. George’s Caye, when a tiny group of British baymen (and their slaves) fought off a much large fleetKeep reading »

September Is HERE! The Key Events on the Island And In the Country…

It does seem a bit crazy that it is September already.  School starting…eyes on the hurricane forecasts (knock on wood…all relatively good so far in the Atlantic) and SEPTEMBER CELEBRATIONS. Last week, The Belize Tourism Board printed the official schedule for the towns around Belize…places like Dangriga, Benque and Punta Gorda have events almost every dayKeep reading »

Correspondent Fin K. Does The Costa Maya Festival in Style

I sent out our night-time correspondent – “the fun one” – to party until dawn and then rise the next day and do it all over again.  Last weekend was Costa Maya Weekend – one of the biggest party weekends in San Pedro. Fin does the Costa Maya in style.  And by style?  I meanKeep reading »

Caye Caulker’s 2015 Lobsterfest Is A Total Island Celebration

Caye Caulker is small enough and their Lobsterfest (THE ORIGINAL BELIZE FESTIVAL) is big enough so that it seems to take over the whole island.    Sun and sand, gorgeous water and swimming kids, loud music, dancing and tons of food and drink – there is something for everyone and it’s a full family affair. SinceKeep reading »