Holidays & Festivals

A Brief History of San Pedro, Belize and Dia De San Pedro: Part One

I walked into San Pedro’s new House of Culture to talk about one thing – the upcoming holiday Dia De San Pedro – and left with 5 pages of dense notes and a head packed with local history. Mito Paz, the Director of the House of Culture, direct descendant (great, great great great? grand nephew)Keep reading »

Gorgeous Day, Best Ceviche in Town And A Busy Weekend Ahead

The weather has been beautiful since my return – hot for sure but that is very typical for May in Belize.   The trees are flowering… …and the fruit is gorgeous.  Drive past a fruit stand and you can SMELL the pineapples.  They are almost orange they are so beautiful. The sargasso has been comingKeep reading »

Easter in San Pedro, Belize: Party Kardashian Style

Hello World, Finn K here… Easter just finished and guess who had an epic WEEKEND?  I did! It all Started on Holy Thursday at Lola’s Pub… …then it went to drinking champagne at the new upgraded Isla Bonita Yacht Club (formerly the Belize Yacht Club) for the rest of the weekend. Thanks to Tia Betty Ann andKeep reading »

My Long Easter Weekend on Ambergris Caye…Sigh. Now Back to Work!

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again.  A four and a half day holiday is simply the most wonderful idea.  And, I think, one of the very best ways to judge how civilized a country is. Also a great way to measure the greatness of a civilization is how they treat their weakest members.   OrKeep reading »

Carnaval in San Pedro With Fin Kardashian Means Paint and SELFIES!

Fin no longer needs any introduction and there is no one better to send out into the field when the town of San Pedro, Belize is going to come alive with color, glitter and cross-dressing.  Carnaval!  The final celebration before lent begins.  Here’s our little monster – Fin Kardashian. HELLO WORLD! So this weekend wasKeep reading »

Carnaval in San Pedro: A Look Back on the Festival at the House of Culture, Lots of Pictures & This Year’s Events

Carnaval is here.  The official pre-Lenten party that is celebrated in different but generally raucous ways around the world.  Mardi Gras, Carnival, Fat Tuesday, it is the three days of partying up until Ash Wednesday went Lent begins.   Carnaval is from the Latin “carnem levare” = take away meat and it’s an important holiday and celebrationKeep reading »

Garifuna Settlement Day, A Very Special National Holiday, In San Pedro, Belize

November 19th is a National Holiday in Belize – one that celebrates a beautiful culture that is unique in so many ways.  Garifuna Settlement Day.  The celebrated day when the Garifuna people traveled to the shores of Belize and Honduras (celebrated April 12) and Guatemala (November 26th) with provisional plants like cassava and plantain.  And made thisKeep reading »

What Do You Get a Harpy Eagle for His Birthday? A Party at the Belize Zoo

The Belize Zoo celebrates birthdays for the ambassador animals – the animals that are used to showcase the beauty and the importance of conservation in Belize.  Earlier this year, I celebrated handsome Fuego the Tapir’s first birthday and it was…awesome.  One of the highlights of my year. Yesterday I was invited to Panama the HarpyKeep reading »

My Halloween Day in San Pedro, Belize – From Crossfit to Frozen Custard

Halloween 2014 felt a little…endless.  The big parties – the Holiday Hotel (check out Part One and Part Two) and the SAGA Humane Society Pet & Kids’ Party were last weekend.  October 25 and 26th. There were a smattering of parties during the week…lots of decorations…school kids bazaars…people dressing for work…random people dressed as…ummmm…skeletons in the park.Keep reading »

AMAZING Photos of San Pedro Belize’s MASSIVE 2014 Halloween Night- Part One

Actual Halloween falls on a Friday this year…which means the BIG PARTY night in San Pedro  (always a Saturday) came early.  Last night, the Holiday Hotel rolled out the red carpet (literally) and almost instantly, Halloween was in full swing. San Pedro goes absolutely nuts for the holiday and this annual party lasts until dawn.  MyKeep reading »