Holidays & Festivals

Christmas Eve Party At Royal Palms, San Pedro, Belize

In San Pedro, Belize, Christmas Day was beautiful.  Gorgeous weather.  Warm and sunny with a nice cooling breeze.  In the afternoon, my condo community had a little get-together.  Everyone brought way too much food and there was even live music.  Here are some pictures. A super Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you.Keep reading »

Judging the Christmas Lights of San Pedro: It Ain’t Easy

Each year, our local newspaper, the San Pedro Sun, hits the streets to find some of the best holiday lights and displays around.  I was asked to judge for the second year in a row.Well…let’s be honest…I lobby hard for this job.  It is so much fun.Here is some of what we saw last night.Graniel’sKeep reading »

San Pedro Shines Again with LoveFM’s Holiday Season Kick-Off Parade

Wow…you are only just recovering from the Lighted Boat Parade when there is another huge holiday event.  This one solely on land.  Very typical San Pedro…there really is always something going on. Yesterday at 5pm, the entrants in the LoveFm parade were asked to line up at Wayo’s Beach Bar.  I expected maybe 100 people…andKeep reading »

Guest Post: Thanksgiving Really Goes to the Dogs With Kelly McGuire

This guest post is by Cindy, one of the owners of Changes In Latitudes Bed & Breakfast in San Pedro.  Thanks Cindy! When we arrived at Fido’s on Thanksgiving afternoon around 5:40, there were very few people there, but most of the tables were reserved.  I even plead my case that we were “guest blogging”Keep reading »

Ginger Scoop’s Guest Post: My Thanksgiving Island Style

Thanksgiving for us started north of the bridge.  We went to check out the new Feliz Bar at the Cloisters. Kevin and Heather are the new owners.  They picked up and moved without ever having been to San Pedro before. WOW.   They came up with the name of the bar through their dog, Navi. SheKeep reading »

Garifuna Settlement Weekend Starts On A Gorgeous Day

Garifuna Settlement Day is always November 19th and honors the Garifuna people that landed in Central America 180 years ago. The Garifuna are descendents of the Caribbean Arawaks and Caribs and the people of West Africa.  The amazing food, dress, language and especially music permeates life in Belize (particularly in the south).  And this wholeKeep reading »

Halloween is For Pets Too: SAGA’s 9th Annual Halloween Town Party

Yesterday, the day after the late night parties, SAGA Humane Society held our 9th Annual Halloween party for the kids, dogs and all of the pets in town.  From 11am to 5pm, people ate, drank, did a little dancing, picked out free collars and poop bags, learned how to be responsible pet owners, let theirKeep reading »

Halloween in Belize: The Ultimate Costume Party Is San Pedro

I apologize for not blogging for a few days, I really do.  I have been planning a party for the Humane Society.  But lucky for both of us, my friend Krista from Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar went to the late night Halloween party at the Holiday Hotel.  And took these awesome pictures.  And sent meKeep reading »

San Pedro’s Independence Day Parade…AMAZING Again. Part Two.

So yesterday, I showed you my pictures of the first half of the parade.  Let’s continue…I ended with ABC pre-school, my very favorite entry. Next up with the AIDs Society.  These guys know how to turn it out…whether it’s December’s Lighted Boat Parade (another killer event here in San Pedro) or September 21st. Miss Petie…. David MarinKeep reading »

San Pedro’s Independence Day Parade…AMAZING AGAIN. Part One

I love Independence Day in Belize.  Love, love, LOVE it.  To me, it should be the one day of the year that every hotel in town is full.   Everyone pours their whole heart into it.  From the parents that spent weeks glittering the school float to the kids who practice their “slow tornado” danceKeep reading »

Gorgeous Days, The Set Up For Costa Maya and Tropical Storm Ernesto?

I hesitate to even feature “Tropical Storm Ernesto” since the 1.  weather has been gorgeous the last few days.  HOT but sparkly blue almost perfect.. 2.  This storm isn’t even a tropical one yet…it’s just a nameless, lame depression #5 at this point.  But it is projected to head in our general direction…and these stormsKeep reading »

The Festivities Begin For One of San Pedro’s Oldest Festivals

The social scene on Ambergris Caye can be as busy as you want it.  There is something going on pretty much every night and big fairs, holidays and festivals almost monthly.  But this wasn’t always the case, years ago, local residents (namely the fishermen) were more concerned with catching fish and lobsters than having a hugeKeep reading »

Scratching the Surface on Easter Saturday: Lion’s Den, The Hotel, Palapa Bar and Dancing to Sinkronia at Wet Willy’s

Yesterday, Easter Saturday, might have been the most happening day of the year in a town where something is always happening.  There were tons of beach parties, DJs, visiting performers, bands, fundraisers…with all of these choices…where does one begin?   The choice was easy.  The Pancake Breakfast at the Lion’s Den.  Plus, it was myKeep reading »