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Gorgeous Villa Margarita in Hopkins, Belize and Beyond….

Hopkins, Belize time.  I had spent two nights at amazing Sleeping Giant Jungle Lodge – enjoying the view, the staff, the food and the amazing suite. But like many who stay in the jungle, I was doing a two-part trip to Belize.  Half jungle and half beach.  I was headed south, next, to unique andKeep reading »

Sleeping Giant Lodge In the Maya Mountains Continues to Amaze Me

I visited Sleeping Giant Lodge in Cayo, Belize for the first time in August 2014 and was…blown away.  I gushed.  Yes I did.  And you can see it all here.  But the casita (larger than my apartment), the pool and the view…I’d seen nothing like it in Belize.  (Please…take a look.) This past Monday, afterKeep reading »

Heading Over to The West Side of Ambergris Caye And An Exciting New Project

Monday I took a trip to the west side of Ambergris Caye.  The “reef-less” side.  Tiny islands…mangrove shore lines with a smattering of sandy beaches.  And a handful of houses…maybe less than 5?  There is no power, sewage or water supply on the lee ward side but it is absolutely beautiful. This is still the best mapKeep reading »

Cocoplums and Reading on the Victoria House Dock

Summer is the time for odd (to me) fruits and this time of year, these gorgeous bushes along the beach are bursting with a particularly strange one.  Cocoplums.   It’s a dark green glossy leaved shrub that first gets white tiny flowers and then these round “fruit”.  They start whitish and turn a pretty rosyKeep reading »

Snapshot Sunday: My Week Jungle to Reef in Belize

Sometimes you just feel lucky.  And this past week or so has been one of those times.  I went from spelunking the ATM cave in the Cayo District of Belize (yes…I said spelunking) and watching gorgeous toucans as I enjoyed breakfast to sitting on a sandbar on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye and eating gorgeousKeep reading »

A Special Mystic River Resort Tour: Sapodilla Falls and Blancaneaux Cave

After a day at the ATM Cave and then a gorgeous braised goat in red wine meal, I fell into my comfy bed at Mystic River Resort at about 7:30pm. I really really REALLY tried to stay awake but by about 7:39pm, I was out for the night.

While the ATM cave does not leave you winded or have you performing any moves that require great strength, you body is trying to stabilize much of the time and I was sore in areas that are rarely sore. Like my ankles and my hands (from just gripping the sides of the cave), the quiet

Monday on Ambergris Caye, Belize – What’s New?

Yesterday was a holiday in the states – President’s Day – many kids are off from school and families on vacation.  In San Pedro, it was day two outta three of our unique Carnaval.  (Read lots more about the holiday here.)  And the island feels super busy. Sunday afternoon kids were out on the beach andKeep reading »