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From San Pedro to Hopkins, Belize To Help: It’s NEVER Been Hipper to Snip

Yesterday, for most of the day, I made my way south for a volunteer veterinary clinic held by the AMAZING Hopkins Humane Society.   A relatively recent operation – founded in 2008 – that is…well…kicking ass in the village of Hopkins (population around 1000) and around Belize. Spaying and neutering dogs (over 1100 last year alone!),Keep reading »

Two Lovely Nights North on Ambergris Caye: Sapphire Beach Resort

Earlier this week I took a 20 minute boat ride to the north part of Ambergris Caye to explore and to check out Sapphire Beach Resort at mile 10.  I took a bunch of pictures of the GORGEOUS stretches of comparatively untouched beach at and around Sapphire… I keep showing this picture but, to me,Keep reading »

The Costa Maya Festival Packs Up and Trying to Capture A Super Moon

Yesterday was the official end of what is called the largest festival in Belize – the San Pedro International Costa Maya Festival.   Music, a super pageant of Central American beauties in some surprisingly tiny bikinis, food, rides…   beer… (I would be remiss not to mention a bit of buzz around San Pedro regarding theKeep reading »

Magical, Magical Sleeping Giant Lodge in Belize’s Maya Mountains

Warning:  Cornball alert.  I am going to gush about this spot.  Wax lyrical…and use words like magical way too many times.   In fact, this is the third time already. But I can’t help it.  It’s all true so…proceed with caution. I was leaving a gorgeous, honeymoon ready suite at Almond Beach Resort in the beachKeep reading »

Adventure Meets Luxury: Almond Beach Resort in Hopkins Village

Hopkins, Belize has an enviable location.  It is situated on a giant sandbar between two rivers –  in the Southern Part of Belize – with the Caribbean Sea and world’s 2nd largest reef to the east and just a short drive to the west, gorgeous rivers, savannah, jungle and mountains. It’s also a relatively shortKeep reading »

My Lovely Neighbors: Mata Rocks Resort, Ambergris Caye, Belize

I have posted photos of Mata Rocks Resort since the very beginning of my blog (June 2011 if it comes up on Belize Jeopardy).  Mata Rocks is the small, lovely hotel just north of me and one of my very favorite beach bars  – both for the scenery and for the bartenders. My friend, Jamie, who wasKeep reading »