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Let’s Wrap it Up: 2018 Around Ambergris Caye & Belize

2018 was a good year.  I am very lucky to live in a place that I love.  And I get to take a million pictures and write about it for a living? So let me put 2018 to bed with some of my highlights.  I recapped January to May here – the months with theKeep reading »

Turning Belize into Margaritaville…Is this the Direction We Want to Go?

If something is good, more of it is better.  Change and embracing change is always a good thing, right?  Progress, progress, progress.   Don’t stand in the way of progress. Belize, boosted by the growing world economy, the huge increase in those traveling and how special and amazing Belize is (I’ve written about some of theKeep reading »

Gorgeous HOT Weather, Sad Dogs, Losers and A Hospital?

Jeff is out of town and when I’m not busy taking semi-staged, sad dog pictures to forward him… Subject:  Dad, My Days are Empty Without You – Frannie Subject:  When Are You Coming Home Dad? -Elsie I’ve been out and about running ERRANDS.  Food and hardware shopping for the camp…blogging and writing projects for me…whatKeep reading »

The New Mirabs Department Store: WOW in Belize City

My alarm went off at 4:45am and then again at 4:50am. I do NOT get out of bed this early for just anything.  But yesterday was something I’ve been looking forward to for a while.  ESPECIALLY since I got a sneak preview less than one month ago and WAS NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE PHOTOS INSIDE!!!Keep reading »

Gorgeous Flowers, Pacas Preppy and Dodging Michael

Happy Sunday. This morning I awoke to a coolish breeze – had me reaching for my quiltie last night – and a… You might want to be seated for this. …a clear-ish beach. Far from perfect…and perhaps just swept out to sea for a day or two but it was a sight for sore eyes.Keep reading »

Beautiful Belize Turns 37 Today: The 2018 Jump Up Celebration Parade

You might think I’m crazy but September 21st is my favorite day of the year.  Yes, it’s INCREDIBLY HOT.  Always.  And it’s slow season.  But Belize celebrates Independence Day is such a ridiculously joyous way, I can hardly get enough. I may have missed the ceremonies in town last night – but here is aKeep reading »

Let’s Get Real About September & October in Belize

A few days ago I started a list.  Information about restaurants and bars that would close for the SLOW season, the RAINY season, the off-season.  The time of the year on Ambergris Caye when we have the least amount of tourists. There.  I said it! September, October and the beginning of November are the slowestKeep reading »

Birthday Lunch at Beautiful Blue Water Grill

Yesterday I turned 45.  Now I can think less about 45 (the President of the US is being referenced more and more by his number) and more about me, me, me.  I think it’ll be a good year for me…perhaps not so much for him. We did a few things yesterday but I took aKeep reading »

20 Teams Scurry About the Island for THE AMAZING RACE 3

Ambergris Caye’s entertainment center – the Truck Stop – has been open for less than 3 years! Check out my first pictures, tasting the menu and my bold prediction of “A big hit!” in November of 2015. Since then, it’s become a hot spot for food, drinks, ICE CREAM and a huge assortment of thingsKeep reading »

Going Slow in Charming Caye Caulker, Part One

Early Friday afternoon we caught the water taxi from Ambergris Caye for  a mini-holiday.  24 hours on lovely Caye Caulker.  Just 30 minutes away from San Pedro and a very different feel.  The motto of the island is GO SLOW – and I was reminded of it about 14 times but various salesmen and island characters.Keep reading »

Getting Back To Business in San Pedro: Chocolate and Comedy

Summer has seriously settled in.  Warm hazy days…some passing showers…and I’ve accomplished ZERO of my Summer To-Do List. But just a few days ago, my friend arrived and we’ve been out doing a few more things.  Over the last day or so, we went to a live comedy show in San Pedro and then toKeep reading »

Join Us Now: Defend Cayo Rosario and Protect What Makes Belize Special

Development is good…right?  Growth, money, jobs. Well not always. Let’s imagine that a developer wanted to knock down the Lamanai Maya site and build a casino.  Jobs, yes.  Money, absolutely.  But Lamanai is much more important to Belize than any casino. What if someone wanted to dredge tens of thousands of tons of sand fromKeep reading »

2018 Belize Summer To-Do List: I Need To Get Better at This!

The last few summers started with a Belize Check-List.  Nothing too crazy or off the wall – just a very do-able wish list as the tourism season slowed in Belize.  A chance to step back and explore Ambergris Caye as a tourist and maybe see a bit more of the country. And over the lastKeep reading »

Om All Over Belize For International Day of Yoga

June 21st is the longest day of the year AND, officially, International Day of Yoga.  Small groups…groups as large as 50,000…gather around the world to…take it down a level. Yoga is many things.  It’s an ancient tradition, it’s about unity of the mind and body, it can be a work out regime.  The word “yoga”Keep reading »

Slowing it Down on Ambergris Caye: A Weekend At The Camp

My work involves getting out and about, taking pictures and then chatting about it on the internet.  So when I’m at Cayo Frances Farm and Fly, 12 miles N on the west side of Ambergris Caye – a few acres of rare black soil on a sand island on a mostly hidden lagoon – thingsKeep reading »