Island Fun

Good Morning Sunshine…

Beautiful day today…and still very very breezy.  (Ha!  Take that! Dawn and evening time mosquitos!) View from my window: Oh shucks, wrong folder.  That is just a random (and very professional) internet photo of Bora Bora. But the view out my window ain’t so bad…and my camera is pretty old school. Thanks to all the supportersKeep reading »

A Kid’s Eye View

I ran into J. Castillo yesterday (I will call him J. since I don’t know how to spell his name…Jahfur, I think) and he proposed the following:  He will take my camera for an afternoon and give me a kid’s perspective of San Pedro.  He’s a very smart kid.  He gets very excited about SAGA fundraising events, he’s politeKeep reading »

Curious advertising around San Pedro

There is strange advertising everywhere, the states, here, everywhere.  But here are some examples that I saw on my way home yesterday. NOT?  Did we just flash back to 1994?  Don’t get me wrong, I love 90s slang.  The decade produced classics like:  Talk to the hand, Da Bomb, Phat, My Bad, Psych, I’m AudiKeep reading »

Lobster Lunacy…and added bonus! Peter is out of town!

Poor poor Cindy.  She works for Peter at Pedro’s Inn.  He is a giant pain in the ass and she is perhaps the friendliest, sweet, most normal woman is town.  But left totally in charge of Lobster Lunacy?  It’s…well…lunacy.  So much work.  But if anyone can handle it, it’s Cindy V. This party is sure to be goodKeep reading »

I love each and every one of you…

425 page views in 2 days…I am a happy person.  I don’t know what that means…or why I would even be happy about it…but I am feeling popular.  Don’t bring me down!  Got lots of ideas for tomorrow.  If you need me for anything…ideas…suggestions…gossip that needs to be reported on…let me know at [email protected] OrKeep reading »

2011 Lobsterfest: Monday Night Out, Lobster Luau at Mojito Bar

Went out pretty early to Monday night’s Lobsterfest event at Mojito Bar.    I love their mojitos (coconut, tamarind and ginger are my faves) and I love the owner, Deona.  She is a kick ass cook…even won first place at last year’s lobsterfest for her lobster dish.  This year’s lobster menu was AGRESSIVE.  Particularly for a small bar withKeep reading »

SP Traffic Department, Really?

It’s 10.15am Tuesday morning.  Oh jeez.  Really?  The traffic department (as far as I have seen) has not set up a traffic stop since Easter weekend.  Why do they need to do this ONLY during the tourist times (now Lobsterfest)?  And cause big traffic jams when everyone is going to breakfast?  Is this the wayKeep reading »

Coming soon…as soon as I get my act together…

San Pedro Happenings…pictures, new businesses and those falling apart, real commentary around town Restaurant/Bar/Event REAL reviews Bizarre San Pedro…things that could only happen in this town “Shame on You”…got a pile of garbage in front of your business?  Kicking a dog?  Riding on a bike with a newborn?  Hmmmm…. Belize Eats.  Wonder how to makeKeep reading »