Island Fun

A May Morning in San Pedro

Today the wind has shifted.  No more breeze from the south and the haze it seems to set over the caye…today is a gorgeous bright blue May day.  And I headed to town.  Inspired by the pretty weather and sparkly ocean, I took a bunch of pictures. Two things of note on this Wednesday.  Keep reading »

One of My Favorite New Businesses in Belize: Delices De France

Just a few days ago, I walked into the new French bakery in San Pedro, Belize and, for the fifth day in a row, I bought a GORGEOUS baguette sandwich for lunch. Just behind me was a San Pedro traffic officer buying 2 baguettes to-go.  And a mom with her 2 kids in school uniformsKeep reading »

Trash on North Ambergris Caye – When Do We Say Enough Is Enough?

As some of you might know, after 9 years of living south of San Pedro town, I now live on North Ambergris Caye.  Over 7 miles north of town.  And every single day, with the rare exception, we drive to town – for work, for shopping, for meetings…we drive to and from town. Since the pavingKeep reading »

New Direct Flight To Belize Adds New Route & Higher Level of Service

Belize attracts its share of celebrity visitors. From Olympian & Dancing with the Stars’ Simone Biles to Bill Gates and Chelsea Handler.   Even the family of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, are becoming more and more enamored with our country. In December of 2015, Trump first daughter and aide, wowed her 3+ million Instagram followers sharingKeep reading »

February Snapshots on Ambergris Caye

There is SO much going on in Belize in February.  Just walk down the streets of San Pedro and you can see how many people are visiting.  As winter drags on in the north, the weather here has been perfection for the last weeks… Though those who collect water could use just a LITTLE sprinkle.Keep reading »

Lake Atitlan: My Breathtaking Last Stop in Guatemala

I’m not sure how describe exactly how stunning Lake Atitlan, Guatemala is.  A lake of unknown depths, deep clear sapphire blue, surrounded by volcanoes so steep that is seems impossible that anyone lives there.  PERFECT summer days and cool nights at 5000 feet.  The warm air from the Pacific rises up from the west forming fairy taleKeep reading »

My New Weekly Newsletter: A Work in Progress

First let me tell you that this newsletter is a work in progress.  I want it to be a recap of the week but also a look at the week and month ahead.  Events not to be missed, a bit of trivia, a bit of new content and a word from my sponsors – specials,Keep reading »

The Palapa Bar Rises Quickly After Hurricane Earl and A Bit Of Lunch

Yesterday morning was a gorgeous day…then darkening clouds… …not bad… And then this morning?  Rain.  It’s November. But yesterday, after Elsie’s first grooming ever (OF COURSE I AM GOING TO BLOG ABOUT THAT!) we stopped by the “check on the boat”.  An activity that can seems to be something one with a boat must doKeep reading »

Hot Gorgeous Weather Continues in Belize & A Few Events Around San Pedro

The first week of this month has been absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful.   A frequent visitor friend and diver asked me yesterday – “why don’t more people come down to Belize in October?  It’s spectacular!” Here is the view while I snacking on a DELICIOUS Banh Mi from Two Tree Banh Mi on the beach justKeep reading »

The Release of Destination Belize Magazine On A Beautiful Day in October

Yesterday was a gorgeous one on Ambergris Caye – and…it also marked the release of the new Destination Belize magazine.  A magazine that was previously published by the Belize Tourism Board.  And you could generally find it on your side table when you got to your resort… I’m not going to lie.  The previous editionsKeep reading »

This Week Ahead: Seven Things

This coming week is a surprisingly busy one – the first week of October, the midst of the slow season.  Who would have guessed?  So, in an attempt to get just a step ahead of my arch-enemy procrastination, here is a list of seven things I plan to do this week. A week that includes workingKeep reading »

Checking out Two New Island Bars: Dive Bar & Paco’s Tiki Bar

Ambergris Caye has lots of places to order a pina colada…or a Belikin.   In fact, even as you wander north, even the far north, there is always a local watering hole. Yesterday I checked out two new spots that have avoided my scrutiny for at least a few months.  Both are located north ofKeep reading »

Pimping Your Ride For Belize’s September Celebrations

I love Independence Day just about anywhere.  But Belize’s is extra special in tons of ways.  Here are just a few… 1.  It’s not just a day, it’s about three weeks – there are two official holidays Sept 10th and Sept 21st and events last all month long.  You can see the schedule here  2.Keep reading »

September Celebrations!!!! Here’s Your Guide to the Big Events

Just this past week, the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) released the official schedule of events for September Celebrations in San Pedro and around the country. It IS my favorite time of year.  So, if you are visiting Ambergris Caye in September or you are living here for the very first time, hereKeep reading »