Island Fun

Birthday Bar Hopping in San Pedro, Belize with Fin Kardashian

I am just back from a great visit with friends on the other side of Florida – in beautiful and shockingly hip St. Petersburg.   And while I spent time marveling at things like high speed internet and the pork skin crackling selections at the highway rest stops, two San Pedro dogs went in forKeep reading »

Scoop…You’re Not in Belize Anymore

I do love waking up (almost) every morning and tell you about the events in San Pedro and all of Belize but today…today I am in Miami.    And I have been for 2 days now…after helping carry two dogs to Hollywood Animal Hospital for knee surgery.  Surgery that they couldn’t have in Belize.  BoatKeep reading »

Mysterious Messages Appear on My Beach Walk Home on Ambergris Caye

Yesterday, after running a bunch of errands in town, I took my usual beach walk home on a gorgeous day. The tide was a bit lower and the rafts of sargasso seaweed had stopped coming in.  Let’s hope PERMANENTLY. There was a boat with two full grown coconut trees near the shore at Ramon’s Village.Keep reading »

“Secret Beach” on Ambergris Caye? I Think The Jig is Up

Grand Belizean Estates and a few other “developments” are large tracts of land on the basically undeveloped, unelectrified West Side of Ambergris Caye.  A side that very few tourists (and not all residents) visit. Head about 5 miles north of the mostly paved road up to Indigo Beach Homes and Resort (and a large BTLKeep reading »

A Day in Hectic Belize City and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Yesterday, Christmas eve, I had an errand to run in Belize City.  For some reason it did not occur to me that the city would be PACKED with last minute shoppers.  Hardly a taxi to be found, four cruise ships in port, apple & pear stands EVERYWHERE (they are a Belize tradition for the holidays),Keep reading »

International Flights Land at North Placencia International Airport. But Don’t Get too Excited Yet

Rumors abound when it comes to information about the private airport near Placencia, Belize –  “North Placencia International Airport”.    The large, very interested parties – developments like The Placencia or Canyon Acquisitions – suggest this airport will be up and running soon. And just this past week, there were some positive signs… I posted an “airlineKeep reading »

Visiting a Dream House on An Absolutely Dreamy Day On Ambergris Caye

Yesterday’s weather was perfection.  Low 80s, slight cool breeze from the north…and just sun. From the boat ride that I took in the morning past resorts up north (like Ak’Bol here)… or the afternoon walk that I took south from about Mile 1.5 S to Mile 2.5 and the GORGEOUS, luxe rental home, Wataview. Here is someKeep reading »

Heading Home To Belize

These is something about freezing cold mornings and a true NJ Christmas shopping frenzy that made me happy to come back to Belize to celebrate the holidays. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t dislike visiting the States – at all.  Things were looking lovely in the old neighborhood (even with light snow)… Though IKeep reading »

My Under $100bzd Christmas List: Holiday Shopping in San Pedro, Belize

35 degrees on a sunny New Jersey morning, sipping my Starbucks coffee in my mom’s den, I can almost forget how horrifying yesterday’s trip to the Paramus Park Mall was.  I’ll just pop by Old Navy…take a quick flit around Bed, Bath and Beyond…Mom, I’ll be home in an hour. Oh how living in Belize hasKeep reading »