Island Fun

Waking Up To Rain But…YESTERDAY? It was GORGEOUS in Belize

The rainy season in Belize is not what you might picture – non-stop drowning monsoons of rain keeping the sky dark and road impassable for weeks at a time. Whoops…I did see this picture.  Stuck on a back street last week, in a golf cart, in a giant puddle…someone’s got to get out and push?  Right?Keep reading »

My Thanksgiving, My Year In San Pedro, Belize & Reasons to Visit in 2015

American through and through, Thanksgiving is in no way a Belizean holiday.  And while it is still strange to me, after 7 or 8 Thanksgivings here, to see kids going to school and the Belikin guys making their deliveries, the holiday is getting bigger and bigger in San Pedro. Mainland turkey not looking at ALL nervous.Keep reading »

One HOT Day in Beautiful Placencia Village – Taking Things Slow

My taxi driver in Independence/Mango Creek called for rain.  The rest of the week, he said with authority, SHOWERS.  Quite the bold statement when it basically hasn’t rained for months in San Pedro or Placencia – and the official weather report down here is about as reliable as BTL internet service down here.  But IKeep reading »

A Preview of Rain Restaurant & Roof Top Terrace at Grand Caribe Resort

I wrote yesterday about my two day stay up at Grand Caribe Resort – and it was absolutely lovely.  I had an excellent time…extremely comfortable and relaxing… The newest building on the property is being completed…and it’s almost there.  Just the finishing touches being applied. This new complex is 4 stories high and is goingKeep reading »

Menacing Lionfish Made into Gorgeous Jewelry in Placencia, Belize

Lionfish are an invasive non-native fish that have infested our reef and are doing some serious damage to the coral and to the native fish species.   They are also the only fish that you can spear and kill while scuba diving in Belize.  (Others must be caught outside of protected areas and by free divingKeep reading »

A Recent Traveler Answers the Question: WHY BELIZE?

About a month ago when I planned this trip to visit my uber cute nephews in Rhode Island (greetings from Wayland Square Starbucks!), I knew I was going to need some help. Youngest cute nephew, WIll.  Thank you SO much to everyone that sent me a guest post.  Thanks Jennie for this post – for writingKeep reading »

My Search Intensifies for Belize’s Best Chicken: Friendship Restaurant

They say that stew chicken with rice and beans is the national dish of Belize but I’m not so sure about that. Much like the U.S., where the national dish might be apple pie but the unofficial national dish is probably a super sized carton of French (Freedom) fries, Belize’s thriving fast food industry gives stew chickenKeep reading »

Paint or Be Painted: 2014 Carnaval in San Pedro – Fun Photos & Selfies

ANOTHER fantastic time to visit Belize, if JUST for the photos:  CARNVAL. Carnaval, San Pedro’s celebration before Catholic Lent begins, is a very unique and totally fun town tradition.   The holiday is known mostly for “Comparsas” or parading groups that cross-dress & dance and PAINTING.  Why let towns like Rio and New Orleans haveKeep reading »

Welcome to Orange Walk, Belize: Sugar & Taco City

Seven years in Belize and I’d never properly stopped in Orange Walk – Belize’s 4th largest town.  I have a friend, Kevin, who grew up here and raves about it like many do their home towns.  I know that they do the biggest, bestest September 21st Independence Parade and…well…I’ve always meant to attend.  I knowKeep reading »

A Gorgeous Day Sailing on the “No Rush”

Yesterday was absolute pure weather perfection.  And though I was always under the impression that boats did not go out on the water on Good Friday, I saw most dive boats out and full of visitors. Rather than bore you with words, I’ll just show you the pictures. The No Rush pulled up to pickKeep reading »