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An Inaugural Ceremony: Tropic Air Begins Flying From Belize to Cancun, Mexico

Yesterday I snagged an invitation for a ribbon cutting ceremony at Belize International Airport.  Tropic Air, the largest Belizean airline, was kicking off their long awaited flight from Belize City to Cancun, Mexico.  This flight completes the “Tropic Air International Trifecta” – now Tropic Air flies to all of our neighboring countries.  Guatemala (Flores –Keep reading »

A Polish Bi-Plane Lands at Caye Caulker Air Strip

…is a sentence you don’t see often.  Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Caye Caulker…a very nice change of pace from the “big city” of San Pedro.  Only 20 minutes by water taxi, it is a trip I should be (and will be) making much more frequently.  What is not to love about a placeKeep reading »

2012: From Guanaja to A State Fair to Medellin…Good Times, Part One

This year has been pretty cool.  Taking a year to travel…to blab, to turn 39 (the joke age) and to look at Belize in a totally different way has been…well…awesome.  I am no writer, definitely no photographer but I would recommend writing a blog to everyone.  Looking for the beautiful, the interesting, the weird orKeep reading »

GingerScoop Reports: 2nd Annual Ladies’ Luncheon At Casa Picasso

This past Tuesday was the Ladies’€ luncheon held at Casa Picasso in honor of the San Pedro PolyClinic.  (For the 1st Lunch last year, click here.) All of the proceeds were donated directly to the clinic to assist in supplies that are in need. The event consisted of lunch and drinks with friends, a raffleKeep reading »

A Christmas-y Morning in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

I am home at last!  My journey back from Providence, Rhode Island took me to Dulles Airport, Washington, DC to Cancun Airport to Playa Del Carmen for a night’s stay and then finally back home to San Pedro.  More about that trip (at least the Mexico part) later.But I do love an international airport that decoratesKeep reading »

Canouan Scoop: Helda’s Life On An Even SMALLER Caribbean Island

Hi, guest blogger Helda Pritchard here. If you follow the Sanpedroscoop then you would know me from such posts as Trivia at Roadkill, Helda and Robbie’s wedding and oh yeah there may even be a photo from last year’s Halloween Red Devil Green Fairy costume I wore.If you’ve visited  San Pedro then you would mostKeep reading »

Guest Blogger: Carrie’s Whirlwind Tour of Belize, Part One

Hello, fans – I’m another one of Rebecca’s loyal readers, filling in for her while she visits Dirty Jersey (as we Philadelphians call it, lovingly, of course.)I lived in San Pedro for about 9 months last year, and now I’m on the mainland in the Stann Creek district with my man, a couple ofKeep reading »

Moon Guide to "Living Abroad in Belize": YOU WON!

About a week ago, I wrote a review of Moon Guide’s Living Abroad in Belize.  An encyclopedia of information  for helping you plan and then make your move to Belize. I asked for something brief (just a sentence)…about why you love Belize and why you are thinking of moving here.  My top 2 (and rememberKeep reading »

Moon’s Living Abroad in Belize: Review & Free Book Give-Away

A few weeks ago, I was asked to write a review of the Moon Guide’s newest edition of “Living Abroad In Belize” by author Victoria Day-Wilson.  Well…she didn’t ask, the publisher did.   The author owns property on the mainland and has been living in and travelling Belize since 2006. Will I read it andKeep reading »

McAfee? Give Up This Game. Here’s A Bit of The Real San Pedro, Belize

The John McAfee situation is international headlines.  It’s just past 6am here in San Pedro and I’ve already watched stories on CNN and ABC’s Good Morning America.  Reporters from around the world seem to be descending on our town and thankfully most seem to be making one thing clear…the is NOT the norm in Belize.Keep reading »

It’s Finally Out There: John McAfee Wanted For Murder

This story or series of stories is so out there, so hard to comprehend…I don’t even know what to say. After a day and  a half of swirling rumors all over the island…was McAfee shot?  Did he shoot someone else?  There has been a press release and it is starting to hit the international press.Keep reading »

Totally Bloggable: Guest Bloggers Needed!

Good morning guys (and it is a GORGEOUS one in Belize), In a few weeks, I am travelling back to the land of my birth for the first time in over a year and a half.   And while I’ve loved being the YucatanScoop, HondurasScoop, Panama, Costa Rica and ColombiaScoops over the past year orKeep reading »

Some New Things Around Town

Let’s get right to it.  While around town over the past few days, I’ve noticed some new signs and new businesses starting.  Here is the one I am most looking forward to… Kakaw Belizean chocolate (I wrote a post about them a few months ago) is opening a chocolate shop right in town.  The buildingKeep reading »

A Beach Walk On Ambergris Caye…Some New Things and An Old Favorite

Yesterday morning, I headed north to walk some dogs at the SAGA Humane Society.  Here are some things that I saw along the way.Royal Palms just completed a project to reclaim the beach.  About 20 feet off the current shoreline, big sacks of sand have been placed.  Supposedly, over time, new sand will wash overKeep reading »

Dia de San Pedro, La Alborada, Caye Caulker Lobsterfest, Pictures from this Morning and the Island’s Cheapest Beers?

Last weekend we finished off San Pedro Lobsterfest with a bang…but this weekend will be as busy if not busier with holiday celebrations on both Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker. All week the town (mainly through the Roman Catholic church) has been remembering St. Peter (our patron saint) with special evening masses.  Tonight, Thursday, isKeep reading »