Island Fun

Guilt is a Great Motivation

I am still stuck in an anti-internet mood. But I woke up this morning to take a picture or two of the sunrise.  That’s good, right? Thanks for all of the emails.  I will be back at it soon.  I promise.


Amazing turnout…amazing food…and Harry wasn’t looking so bad… Though, I’ll admit…he is a sweater. More pictures tomorrow.  I am EXHAUSTED! Checking In

Staying at home for 4 days is incredibly tedious.  5 hour marathons of Judge Judy or the Jersey Shore, re-reading old books, laying in bed coughing and sweating when the weather is beautiful outside?  Ugh.  The good news for me and my bronchitis is that my cough is drying up and I am sleeping andKeep reading »

Where Should I Watch the Superbowl in San Pedro?

The game will be on EVERYWHERE.  Just because this is Belize and football technically means soccer, we will all be watching. My choices for best spots: Cholo’s.  They have HUGE flat screens and will have a big local crowd.  This might be the most happening, most rowdy spot to watch the game in town.  TheyKeep reading »

Kelly McGuire: San Pedro Music Teacher for A Morning

Despite the RELENTLESS (and very un-February like) rain yesterday morning, Kelly McGuire made his way to the Island Academy to teach the island kids one of his most famous songs “Ambergris Caye”.  If you don’t know Kelly or if you want to see his schedule for the next week, check out my post from earlierKeep reading »

Coconut Trees: Who Knew?

Did you ever wonder why some coconut palms look like this? And others like this? Well…despite the fact that the trees are a major part of the landscape on Ambergris Caye, they probably aren’t native.  And they are surprisingly susceptible to disease.  A menacing illness called “Lethal Yellowing” has killed many of the coconut treesKeep reading »

The Full Spectrum: From Black & White Bar to Wine De Vine

A friend of mine had some work to do yesterday down south, so I tagged along.  We would grab lunch and a few beers on the way back.  Sounds good to me…I always like checking out new areas and new places.  We ended up on a strange tour…a mix of the lesser known places, theKeep reading »

My New Internet is Not So Bad!

My new internet is not so bad, if you like to contain your usage to very late nights and very early mornings.  Yesterday, my neighbors below moved back to the States and with them went my internet access (as well as three very good friendships.)  Uh oh.  For someone who spends QUITE a bit ofKeep reading »

Let’s Head North! Part Two

Two days ago, I headed north to visit some restaurants and bars that I either haven’t been to or haven’t visited in a while.  (See Part One) Over the bridge, we stopped at Coco Locos, Kama Lounge and Jolly Rogers.  We then pulled into Palapa Bar, probably the most well known bar north of the bridgeKeep reading »

Let’s Head North! Part One

Yes, you heard me….NORTH!  And every time I cross the bridge (only about 2 miles from where I live), I wonder why I don’t hit the north part of Ambergris Caye more often.  So many beautiful condos, so many great restaurants and bars.  It is very good to broaden my horizons.  (It’s also good toKeep reading »

Vivid Day for a Lunch Out

Yesterday, though quite windy, was a pretty flawless day weather-wise.  And since I am lucky enough to live right down the beach from Victoria House (one of THE BEST hotels on the island), I decided to go out to lunch.  By myself.  One of my favorite things to do. I’ve gushed about VH’s staff, foodKeep reading »

Can You Go Full Throttle in Belize?

A new beverage has hit San Pedro with a Blue Fury – Coca Cola’s Full Throttle Energy drink.  Bottled in Belize City by Bowen & Bowen in a strange opaque black bottle, it has all the components of a standard energy drink.  Lots of sugar, caffeine and taurine. (Did you know taurine is an organicKeep reading »

Saturday Night In San Pedro: Poker Run

Get ready for LOTS of pictures. Since I have just recently become a mild fan of poker (see:  The Poker Bug), I decided to join some friends for a poker run.    For the past few years, local bars have been organizing the event to get people to visit more places, to have a littleKeep reading »