Island Fun

Sunrise: A Walk Through the Escalante Area

The sun rose this morning at about 6:30am…it’s going to be a beautiful day, warm but breezy. I took a walk over to the neighborhood that is closest to mine, the Escalante subdivision.  First utilized only about fifteen years ago (when 1.5 miles south of town was seen as “da bush”), it was acquired fromKeep reading »

A Beautiful Beach Can Require A Bit of Work…

The stretch of beach where I live is one of the prettiest on the Ambergris Caye.  Mar de Tumbo Beach, the long sandy strip in front of Banyan Bay, is right next door.  But maintaining a beach can be a little bit of work.  Storms, sea grass, heavy waves have hotels and beach front residentsKeep reading »

History Made: San Pedro’s First Organized Political Debate

And what a cool thing to be invited to. There is an election coming up for a new Mayor of San Pedro in March. And it’s a pretty exciting thing for the town for a few reasons.  First, the current mayor has been in position for 2 terms and has been the subject of quiteKeep reading »

What Does One Wear to A San Pedro Political Debate?

I was in town yesterday for this first time in about a week and shocked by its transformation.  The streets are festooned with political flags and banners, predominantly the UDP (the incumbent party in both the mayoral, area representation and national level).  FESTOONED.  You would think a ticker tape parade for returning war heroes wasKeep reading »

Ode To Some Very Hard Working Men

who are fighting an almost endless battle to keep the beaches sandy and clean.  Since the barrier reef protects our shores, it means that sea grass tends to grow in the waters.  And we are having our second day of pretty high winds, choppy seas and seaweed galore washing up on the beach.  (Kite surfersKeep reading »

Suffering from Blistering Disappointment

The show, The Bachelor, last night was…how can I put in kindly?  Terrible.  Awful.  Embarrassing to watch. I am headed out early to do some errands (obviously stumbling beneath the weight of this let down).  I will take some pictures and report back later this morning.  Winds are still pretty high and there is aKeep reading »

The Wind!

Last night as I was (ACTUALLY) sleeping, the wind really kicked up.  My windows and my bedroom door were rattling.  Not a cold front…it is still warm and relatively humid…just wind. So I got up early (my usual time is 6am…I got up at 5am) to see what’s going on.  Feeling better, but not great…whyKeep reading »

Day Three And Tomorrow I WILL Be Back

But the sweating and insomnia and nausea is really bringing me down..keeping me in the house…which is a real shame since the weather is warm & beautiful and there are lots of events going on in town.  I especially hate to miss a SAGA fundraiser. I am feeling marginally better. Thanks to everyone who hasKeep reading »

This is Getting To Be A Bad Habit

But I really am feeling sick.  Like don’t leave the house sick.  Thanks to the 1000 people who visited my blog yesterday when all I did was throw up a picture from a few months ago. Bear with me…tomorrow I fully intend to be back at it. Here’s another old photo.  Can you guess whereKeep reading »


and I am overwhelmed with guilt.  (You’d be suprised how addicting the daily blog thing is.)   But I’m not feeling so great.  Let’s not go into details.  So I am taking an internet day off.  And a phone day off too. So…no reason to break my door down…if you do, you would merely findKeep reading »

Amazing Old Pictures of San Pedro

A group of people, both old and new to San Pedro, have been sharing some fantastic snapshots of local people and places in a Facebook forum called “you know you have been to San Pedro if you remember…”. If you aren’t a member of this facebook page, take a look!  I snagged a few toKeep reading »

Something That I Love About Belize

Well…in addition to the lovely sunset.  This is a picture coming down my stairs yesterday evening. And the beautiful full moon that “rose” soon after… But one of my VERY favorite things is that you can go out to eat at one of the fancier restaurants in town wearing shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops.Keep reading »

A Beautiful Day Around Town – Art, Lunch and Pool at Cholo’s

After the very frightening fire in DFC that delayed our trip to town yesterday morning, we continued on….to attend a charity art show taking place at the Tropic Air terminal. Here are some pictures of people enjoying the art and some of my favorite pieces (just in case you were looking to get me a belatedKeep reading »

Fire Rages in San Pedro’s DFC Area

On my way to town today…at about 11.30am, we spotted large plumes of black smoke rising from the back side of the island.  We turned around and followed the fire trucks and police back to DFC where a fire consumed the back of a wooden house/business.  The business is called Bessy’s Store, a once prettyKeep reading »

Grrrrr….Facebook down in All Of Belize!

And one would think it’s the end of the world.  The site was down in all of Belize yesterday evening and didn’t re-emerge until a few hours later. Many calls went out to BTL and the speculation is that they are busy blocking the facebook video chat that many have been enjoying these lastKeep reading »

Things I Saw Yesterday In San Pedro

Yesterday, the weather cleared up beautifully…sunny but still cool.  I was in my North Face jacket, tourists were walking around in bathing suits.  I headed into town for lunch and an afternoon meeting.  YES!  I sometimes have real business meetings. I never get sick of this view from the Squirrel’s Nest at Mata Rocks Hotel.Keep reading »

A Strange Phenomena is Hitting the Island…

And it’s all due to the temperature drop in the last few days, tiles around San Pedro are popping right off the floor and the walls.  This morning it has dipped into the high 60s and there is a stiff northerly wind.  Sunny but COLD! Upstairs at Banana Beach and then, this picture taken atKeep reading »

The Weather is On Everyone’s Mind

San Pedro Belize is experiencing some really crazy weather right now.  High winds, torrential rain, chilly nights, thunder and lightening are totally out of place in January.  This is supposed the month of weather perfection.  Sun, sun and more sun. I have spent quite a bit of time reassuring visitors that this is not theKeep reading »