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Music Star Kelly McGuire: Breaking the Law in Belize

As discussions about non-citizens and lawlessness heat WAY up in the United States, it was oh-so-fitting yesterday that when I was running some errands in my home of San Pedro, Belize, I spotted foreign music star, Kelly McGuire, blatantly breaking our local laws. But before we get to that, let me back up a bit… Kelly McGuireKeep reading »

What’s New on Ambergris Caye These Days?

For a small island, there’s always quite a bit going on around San Pedro and this weekend kicked off one of the famous influxes of visitors.  The Jerry Jeff Walkers and Camp Belize. The famous songwriter and performer (here is one performance in 2015 and one I attended in 2014) is a sold out event.Keep reading »

Gorgeous Day, Best Ceviche in Town And A Busy Weekend Ahead

The weather has been beautiful since my return – hot for sure but that is very typical for May in Belize.   The trees are flowering… …and the fruit is gorgeous.  Drive past a fruit stand and you can SMELL the pineapples.  They are almost orange they are so beautiful. The sargasso has been comingKeep reading »

San Pedro’s Wonderful House of Culture Celebrates Rastafarianism & World Icon Bob Marley

When most people think of Rastafarians, they think of the hair, the dreadlocks, Bob Marley and probably smoking marijuana.  And though the Rastafari movement does contain those things, it is so much more. Yesterday I stopped by San Pedro’s relatively new House of Culture – to me the highlight of the new Sacas Chispas/Old Football field/Boardwalk project onKeep reading »

Belize City’s 2014 CARNIVAL: PHEW. It NEVER Disappoints

Yesterday some friends and I hopped aboard the 11:30am San Pedro Belize Water Taxi to Belize City for one of the highlights of September Celebrations – the Belize City Carnival. It is a hot, crazy, sweaty, loud, gritty, fun event fueled by beer, body glitter, Belize energy drink – “Full Throttle”, lots of attitude, TONSKeep reading »

The FULL Sir Barry Bowen Belikin Bash Experience Plus Dolla Beer!

The entire country of Belize erupts with celebrations in September.  Independence Day is September 21st and the 10th, celebrates the Battle of St. George’s Caye.  You can find some event, some party almost every day and certainly every weekend throughout the country. Last night was the final night of one of the bigger celebrations – theKeep reading »

2014 Placencia Art & Music Festival: THE ART and THE MUSIC!

Yesterday’s afternoon post went in a few different direction:  bus travel…my lodging…Chelsea Handler…but didn’t really get to the main reason that I travelled to Placencia – the Art and Music Sidewalk Festival.   The 11th annual.   There were artists and craftspeople from many parts of Belize…   The Art Affair Gallery in Placencia (oneKeep reading »

Come to Belize, Marry A Garifuna Drummer: An Expat in Punta Gorda

I met Ruth and her husband Ray at one of my favorite spots, Hickatee Cottages in Punta Gorda, Belize.  Every Wednesday night, the owners of the cottages, Ian and Kate, invite Ray to teach traditional Garifuna drumming to the guests. I was a little bit scared.  My lack of rhythm borders on sad and thisKeep reading »