Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye, Belize:  Let’s Get Started 95% of this blog is about Ambergris Caye because I’ve lived here full time for 15 years.  It was the first place I visited in Belize – the first place I ever thought “I Could live here”.  It’s my home. And while I LOVE traveling around Belize – andKeep reading »

Belize City

The largest city in Belize, it is not generally a place to stop and linger.  Those arriving by cruise ship are generally whisked out of town to cave tubing or zip lining or out to sea to snorkel or spot manatees.  Most of the city is a bit…ummmm…rough around the edges. There are some greatKeep reading »

Caye Caulker

Caye Caulker, Belize (pronounced “Key Cawker”) is called Ambergris Caye‘s little sister but it has a vibe all its own.  Smaller in size with sand roads and brightly colored wooden buildings, Caye Caulker gives life to the phrase “Go Slow”. Here’s a post you might find helpful:  Visiting Belize?  Deciding Between Caye Caulker and AmbergrisKeep reading »


Cayo is the largest district in Belize.   It borders Guatemala in the west and is the home to the capital of Belmopan since 1970 (a very serious hurricane forced the relocation from seaside Belize City) and the town of San Ignacio. Cayo contains some of the most visited Mayan ruins like Xunantunich, Caracol and as well as farm land,Keep reading »


Dangriga is the largest town in the south and the official home of music and Garifuna culture in Belize.   It lies along the coast but the beaches, while not perfect, have their moments. It is certainly a bit rougher around the edges and not as touristy as nearby Hopkins or Placencia.  It is alsoKeep reading »


Hopkins is (or maybe was…) a small Garifuna fishing village that is definitely growing in popularity for tourism.  You can easily see why.  The village is lined with a long sandy beach and has a SUPER laid back atmosphere.  During summer and fall months, you can feel like you have the town to yourself. You can stay at hotels, innsKeep reading »

Northern Districts

Northern Districts of Belize Made up of the districts of Corozal and Orangewalk, Northern Belize is maybe best known for growing sugar cane, it’s proximity to Mexico and warm dry weather. As you drive the Northern Highway, many of the roads are lined with the sugar cane that grows in the fields and that whichKeep reading »

Placencia Peninsula

Home to the world’s longest side walk…or so many think… Placencia is located on a long thin peninsula and home to plenty of happening bars, restaurants and hotels as well as expats.  With a sleepier, more laid back vibe than Ambergris Caye, Placencia is still a very popular tourist destination for snorkelers, divers and thoseKeep reading »

Punta Gorda

The district of Toledo is the least visited in Belize.  But it is AMAZINGLY rich in so many ways…culture, food, diversity, wildlife and it’s…simplicity.  Wait…can you be rich in simplicity? Visiting the largest town of Punta Gorda is a bit like walking back in time.  The bustling market where you will hear the Kechi andKeep reading »

The Other Cayes

There are so many cayes in Belize other than Caye Caulker and Ambergris Caye that they are almost impossible to list.  They range in name from historic St. George’s Caye (the first capital of Belize) to Hens & Chicken Caye to Leonardo di Caprio’s still deserted Blackadore Caye to lovely Caye Chapel (see below) with itsKeep reading »