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Punta Gorda

Located in the District

The district of Toledo is the least visited in Belize.  But it is AMAZINGLY rich in so many ways…culture, food, diversity, wildlife and it’s…simplicity.  Wait…can you be rich in simplicity?

Visiting the largest town of Punta Gorda is a bit like walking back in time.  The bustling market where you will hear the Kechi and Garifuna languages and see gorgeous produce bussed in from the surrounding villages.  The ramshackle Colonial homes built overlooking the sea.  Restaurants clearly not set up for tourists that seem to run on their own schedule.


Just a mile outside of town, you can be in the “High Bush” and your hotel manual might actually give instruction in case you encounter a JAGUAR!  (Mine did.)   Insanely rare but I love that it’s possible.

Toledo is also the center for the growing cacao and chocolate industry in Belize.  The May Chocolate Festival for 2014 is May 23rd-25th.  Book your rooms now!


The only word I have for Punta Gorda is a magical.  Corny but true.  I loved my four day visit to the Toledo district and I have SO much more to do.


Next trip?  The Blue Creek…snorkelling the untouched Cayes…music lessons.  I can’t wait.