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Guanaja, Honduras: Maybe the Prettiest Place I’ve Ever Been, Part Two

The island Guanaja is interesting to me for so many reasons.  The residents (citizens of Honduras…though some deny it) speak English and Spanish.  The large main island is sparsely populated while everyone huddles on the tiny, tiny cay.  The Cay has no roads or cars.  The residents have a very close tie with the CaymanKeep reading »

Guanaja: Maybe the Prettiest Place I’ve Ever Been, Part One

The three Bay Islands sit about 10 miles off the coast of Honduras in the Carribean Sea.  All of the islands have a history based in shipping, fishing, pirating and being discovered by Christopher Columbus himself (CC landed on Guanaja in 1502).  The islanders speak primarily English as well as Spanish…very good for me.  MyKeep reading »

Puerto Cortes & Omoa, Honduras and Turtle Eggs…Seriously?

So where did I stop with my last post…I had taken a taxi from the airport in San Pedro Sula, Honduras to the bus terminal and I was ready to meet friends at the beach, in Puerto Cortes.   The bus station is enormous and there are probably hundreds of buses and collectivos (the smaller ACed vans)Keep reading »

Sour Sop, Guanabana, Graviola, Guanaba: My Brush with Fame and Fortune

I posed the question last week to my faithful readers:  what the heck is this fruit?   The Spanish-only speaking gentleman at the fruit stand seemed to be indicating that it is delicious (smiling and the Mmmmm sound needs no translation.) Once IDed as soursop, I popped it in the refrigerator and got ready forKeep reading »

Prince Harry Comes to Belize: My Scoop

I’ll be upfront with you from the beginning.  I do not have the best pictures around.  REAL media was at this event…BBC, Australia’s Channel 9, the Associated Press.  And they had real press passes.  Ones that allowed them to get really close to the tall, slender, young prince.  But I travelled from San Pedro toKeep reading »

The Garifuna Collective Performs in San Pedro for the First Time Ever!

The late Andy Palacio’s world famous group, the Garifuna Collective, played on Ambergris Caye for the first time yesterday at the re-opening of Sundiver.  Sundiver is a resort about 5 miles north that closed a few years ago, was rented to a group for the years after and is now reopening as a resort.  It’sKeep reading »

A GORGEOUS Day Sailing on the Rum Punch 2

Yesterday could not have been more perfect for sailing.  Blue cloudless skies, warm and breezy, we set sail at about noon yesterday on the Rum Punch 2, a refurbished traditional Belizean sail boat.While waiting to board, I ran into this gentleman.  Belizean Melody’s newly relocated art gallery has certainly found a catchy new way toKeep reading »

I Saw The Crown Jewel Of Belize – The Jade Head of Altun Ha

On February 15th 2012, for the 10 year anniversary of the Museum of Belize, the crown jewel of Belize was unlocked from its vault and put on display for ONE DAY ONLY.  I had to take a trip to Belize City.The Mayan site of Altun Ha is located 31 miles north of Belize City andKeep reading »

The Holiday Lights of San Pedro

Last night, San Pedro’s favorite weekly newspaper, The San Pedro Sun, hit the streets in a bedazzled golf cart cavalcade to find the very best holiday decorations.  No easy task.  There are so many beautifully lit houses, so many semi-hidden displays in back yards, on decks, in secret courtyards that this was an all nightKeep reading »

Sixth Annual Holiday Boat Parade: Love, Love, Love It

The Sixth Annual Boat Parade was such a crazy success this year.  Lots of boats, TONS of people, booths with food and drink, marching bands, dancers, kids singing carols…everyone was enjoying one of the best parties of the year. Look how happy we all are! I met up with an ex-co worker that I hadn’tKeep reading »

Belize Pummels Mexico: Boxing in San Pedro

VIP pass on my wrist, I grabbed a front row seat to watch Friday night boxing in the San Pedro High School Auditorium.   The event featured six bouts – local San Pedro residents vs. boxers brought in from our neighboring Mexican state, Quintana Roo. We were there a bit early but the place filledKeep reading »

Before I Turn 40: My Central American "Bucket List"

Take a look at a map of Central America – the area seems relatively small. But travelling around quickly, cheaply and easily is almost impossible.  If you want to fly to other Central American countries from Belize, you really only have two options.  You can fly to Flores or Guatemala City, Guatemala (neither very farKeep reading »

Scooparazzi’s First Gig: Operation "Bachelor"

WARNING:  IF IT IS GOING TO DEVASTATE YOU TO SEE A PICTURE OF A BACHELORETTE BEFORE THE SHOW AIRS.  DO NOT READ THIS POST! So…I got a tip a few days ago that “The Bachelor” TV show would be filming a special date in Caye Caulker.   The “Bachelor” has been filming in San Pedro,Keep reading »

The King Of Beers

Sorry Budweiser, in Belize you are not king.  You are not even prince.  Bud (or Bud Lite – America’s best selling beer) is just not for sale in Belize.  Lucky for all of you, SanPedroScoop is on the case and more than ready to crown the king of Belize beers.First, let’s meet the contestants.  Until just a  fewKeep reading »

Scenic Belize City…YES! It’s There.

Most tourists that come to Belize tend to spend as little time as possible in the Belize’s largest city.  But Belize City is not just stinky canals and dodgy streets (though it definitely has both those things), there is history, colonial homes, museums, school kids, good restaurants and bars, shopping and much more.  Belize City is definitely aKeep reading »

Best Independence Day in The World: Parade & Hot Dog Eating Contest, Part Two

Ok…let’s get back into it.  If you missed Part One, you are going to want to read it.  And lucky for you, I have it available right here with just a click of your mouse., the parade was rocking, we were all sweating and the next group was absolutely one of my favorites.  The BlueKeep reading »