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Never What You Expect: My Life in Belize

A while ago I wrote a post called 15 Things No One Told You About Living in Belize – and then I updated it again a year or so later.  It’s a list of ideas that keep growing. Because the thing that I didn’t really GET when I moved down here in 2007 – just toKeep reading »

November Begins with Gorgeous Weather and Lots More On Ambergris Caye

I am probably not the only one thinking this but…HOW DID NOVEMBER CREEP UP ON ME?  The telling signs are certainly here… …the wind is blowing from the north bringing slightly cooler temperatures.  (On Ambergris Caye Belize that means low to mid 80s and weather that looks like this…) This morning at our neighbors, XtanKeep reading »

October Holiday Weekend Around Ambergris Caye

Yesterday was a holiday – Pan-American Day here in Belize.  One of those long holiday weekends that creeps up on you…so much so that you don’t realize its a 3 day weekend until you find the gas station closed…or you see all the kids, uniformless, and playing at the beach. Saturday morning we boated upKeep reading »

5 Things that Make Me Happy to Be Home On Ambergris Caye

Saturday morning at 3:45am, my alarm went off.  I threw off my big down comforter (it was in the 60s at night!) – time to head back home after 9 days in Barrington Rhode Island visiting my family. 6am Delta flight from tiny Providence airport to Atlanta (where everyone is SO important – in suchKeep reading »

The Very BEST Flip Flops for Belize

Flip flops are an absolute necessity here on Ambergris Caye.  When I moved down here full time with my bag of 2 for $5US Old Navy flops, I realized quickly that I was going to need more.  The cheap sandals are great – lots of different colors, not a big deal if you lose oneKeep reading »

My Summer Aspiration List: Slow Season Do’s in Belize, Part Two

Part One started: …Summer in Belize.  The weather gets warmer, we start to have rain showers now and again (though mostly at night), tourism slows AND travel prices drop.  It’s also the time when people that live here generally have some time off to enjoy our island a bit more. I ran through some ofKeep reading »

My Internet & The Possibility of Being a Digital Nomad in Belize

Can you be a digital nomad in Belize? Here is a look at my internet on Ambergris Caye

Last year, I wrote a post titled:  How To Get A Job In Belize.  It’s the #1 question that I receive from readers and look, I totally get it.  MAN do I get it. You visit Belize – everyone is so friendly, everyone speaks English, it’s gorgeous warm and inviting, there seem to be quiteKeep reading »

2016: You’ve Been Good To Me So Far

There are only a few more days left in 2016…and for me, this last holiday week often seems to be a blur.  All the planning, my seemingly countless posts about Christmas in Belize and events…POOF.  Blink and it will be the New Year. So before that happens I thought I’d say THANK YOU.  For reading,Keep reading »

How I Fell into One of the Best Jobs Ever

The whole world was a bit shocked as we watched the US elect a new President.  As I imagined the stress, the sleepless days and nights, the pressure, the isolation, the unbearable stress, all to win what I would consider to be the very worst job in the world, I can’t help but be gratefulKeep reading »

How To Find a Job in Belize

I TOTALLY understand.  Totally.  You visit Belize – the cayes or the mainland – and you love it.  Your first thought…I’d like to come back.  A few days later, after having some drinks with a few Americans or Canadians or Brits living here full-time, you think…I would love to do that.  Everyone speaks English…it’s beautiful andKeep reading »

My Summer To-Do List in Belize: 14 Different Activities

June 20th was the first official day of summer – the longest day of the year.  Here in Belize, the HOT season tends to start a bit earlier.  *Stats at the end of the post All weather data talk aside, it’s SUMMER!  The kids are out of school which means you’ll find many of them playingKeep reading »

4G Mi-Fi Internet Service in Belize – Hello My New Life!

It was August 2013 and I bought my first Mi-Fi (mobile Wi-Fi hotspot) from Smart in San Pedro.  It was a cute little number and allowed me to charge the battery and use the internet on the run…and it provided service that was good enough.  Good enough for me to get my work done…and toKeep reading »

Last Days Of Belize Summer Vacation…

Or so it feels like it…rather than spending most of the days on the computer (or traveling or eating), I’ve been hitting the beach.  My most bestest friend Jamie (who is a 7th grade math teacher – pause to shudder over the thought of hoards of pubescent children) usually visits me for 4-6 weeks duringKeep reading »

A Summer Day in San Pedro, Belize – Sun, Chocolate and Pupusas

I have a friend visiting for 2 weeks – my very best friend.  And since I disappeared for 4 days of her visit to attend the amazing Belize International Film Festival down in Placencia, we absolutely need to do fun things for the remainder of her visit. Luckily, with the gorgeous weather and the waterKeep reading »

My Cost of Living in San Pedro, Belize

Moving to another country is a big deal.  No matter how you look at it.  And estimating how much day to day life is really going to cost is tough. When I started blogging a few years ago (September 2011), I wrote a post called How Much Does it Really Cost to Live in Belize.Keep reading »

Going to My Dentist on Ambergris Caye: Beach Pics

Okay, okay, OKAY!  I know that technically I am the SANPEDROscoop and some of you just want to see and hear Ambergris Caye.  Fried chicken in Belize City?  Art in Placencia?  Pffft. I guess it makes some sense.  Ambergris Caye was, after all, just named TRIPADVISOR’S Travelers Choice BEST ISLAND IN THE WORLD.  For theKeep reading »