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Follow-Up: The Internet That I Use in San Pedro

On January 31st 2012, I had no internet and was distraught.  So, I bought a new “gadget” that is relatively new to the island.  This little USB internet stick from Smart would provide me service, was relatively cheap and promised to be relatively quick.  I told you guys about it and promised a follow-up.  Well…hereKeep reading »

A Morning Walk…A Little Exercise and Lots of Wildlife

In an attempt to get into some sort of better shape, we went for a morning walk.  It’s turning out to be a beautiful day and I haven’t been that far down south in a few months.  Here is what I saw:We are getting into the jelly fish season.  Luckily, for the most part, theseKeep reading »

The Dog Days Of Summer? Lizard Parts and Empty Pools

Summer and the slower season have definitely arrived in Belize.  Here on the island, it’s hotter, the chances of rain have increased (particularly at night) and the kids are out from school.  Many of them hit the beach yesterday. We are also between the big festivals.  Mid to late June brings the Lobsterfest all overKeep reading »

Belize 2011-2012: Some Pictures of My Past Year of Blogging

As I may have mentioned one or five thousand times, turned one year old this week.  What a perfect time to go through my pictures for the last year, delete a bunch, archive a bunch and try to insure that my 2005 Toshiba laptop hangs in there for at least a few more months.Keep reading »

San Pedro Scoop is Being Read in Angola…How Cool is That?

I absolutely love that someone that I’ve never met is referencing my blog on his website.  In Angola.  Yes, Africa!   A continent I’ve never visited.  But am DYING to.This gentleman is a fantastic writer…I mean seriously good stuff.  And he seems like the kind of guy we’d all want to have a few beersKeep reading »

Rather than Bore You With Yet Another Sunrise Picture…

I know I haven’t been holding up my end of the “daily blog” bargain.  But my creative juices just aren’t flowing right now.  If only I had a volunteer reporter…sigh.  Life would be sweet.  I need to get out pen and paper and figure out what people want to read about.  All suggestions, of course,Keep reading »

I Woke Up This Morning With a Clearer Head…

and the finest intentions.  An early morning walk to the supermarket would provide me pictures galore of the beautiful blue Caribbean.Instead, it is pouring rain.   Good for the bathing and screaming grackles… Good for the plants of Royal Palms… And apparently okay for snorkellers and divers.  I watched a few boats do the 8amKeep reading »