Mystery Fruit

Mamey: One of the Most Delicious Tropical Fruits

Mamey fruit – or in Spanish, sapote fruit, is native to Mexico and Central America.  And in Belize, like many fruits, it is only available seasonally.  Every year – the late spring and early summer is the time for FRUIT.   When our year-round steady supply of oranges, bananas, papaya, limes, pineapple, and watermelon is supplementedKeep reading »

I Hate Papaya

I’ve tried, I can’t, I hate papaya. I feel childish just saying it.  Guilty.  The word hate is so ugly.  And when applied to something so bountiful…so beautiful?  I’m not proud of it. At least once a year, I see a lovely golden pile at the fruit stand – all smiling at me with theirKeep reading »

Mystery Fruits of Belize: The Plum

Walk down the street of San Pedro and you are bound to see someone selling fruit.  The year-round standards are banana, beautiful pineapples, watermelon, oranges, limes, and papaya.   All grown in Belize (check out my post about the banana industry in the south – super interesting to me.) And then we get seasonal fruits –Keep reading »

Sour Sop, Guanabana, Graviola, Guanaba: My Brush with Fame and Fortune

I posed the question last week to my faithful readers:  what the heck is this fruit?   The Spanish-only speaking gentleman at the fruit stand seemed to be indicating that it is delicious (smiling and the Mmmmm sound needs no translation.) Once IDed as soursop, I popped it in the refrigerator and got ready forKeep reading »

Mystery Fruit of San Pedro, Belize: Custard Apple or Cherimoya

The fruit season in Belize is starting up.  Mamey is here.  Green mangos are just arriving, ripe ones should be here in a month or two and yesterday I found a strange fruit that I’ve never tried.  The custard apple.  Also called cherimoya or even the ice cream fruit.  Hmmmm…those names sound promising. Hey, MarkKeep reading »

Mystery Fruit of San Pedro, Belize: Passion Fruit

I had heard of passion fruit before (juice, jelly, etc) but yesterday some friends of mine handed me two fruits I had never actually seen before.  Yellow Belizean Passion Fruit.  They grew them right in their backyard. So…I continue my series about the more mysterious fruits in Belize.  If you missed the last few, youKeep reading »

Mystery Fruits in Belize

I stumbled upon this seriously rare fruit in Island Supermarket just yesterday and had to buy two even though I think they were $4 or $5bzd each.  (I couldn’t bear to look).  California Peaches. You hardly ever see these in Belize.  And when you do, they are pretty much rotten or totally mealy…I guess peachesKeep reading »

Mystery Fruit: Dragon Fruit

Ok…mystery is the wrong term.  I have seen this fruit before.  In Vietnam and Thailand but most people that see it here in Belize are seeing it for the first time.  In Asia, it was always very white in the center and was sold everywhere.  Here in Belize, it’s more seasonal (a summertime fruit) and almostKeep reading »

Mystery Fruits: Craboo & Seagrapes

Summer is the season for new and mysterious fruits at the local fruit stands in San Pedro.  I stopped by this one yesterday (across from Ramon’s Village) to test two that are new to me.  Only $2bzd a bag…so why not. Craboo (or nance) is a small yellow fruit with a very pungent smell.  The wordKeep reading »

Lunch at Caliente’s and Mystery Fruit: Kinep

Since I will be starting TOTAL FITNESS diet today, I needed to eat out as much as possible over the weekend.  That’s how it’s supposed to work, right? Lunch at Caliente’s is a great start.  Caliente’s is a Mexican/Caribbean place right in the center of town on the water.  Things to love about this place: Keep reading »