People In Town

Meet One of the Hardest Working Guys in San Pedro

You probably know him as one of the most gregarious, fun guys in town but did you know that Walter works his butt off doing or helping with almost every job there is at Pedro’s Inn/Hotel? HOLY MOLY (one of Walter’s favorite sayings)…meet Walter Medina, a Belizean jack of all trades and two time skyKeep reading »

Meet one of My Favorite Harmouches

and potentially one of the hardest working people in San Pedro, Abdul Harmouch.  He owns La Isla Grocery Store across the street from Changes In Latitudes and the Belize Yacht Club.  A great shop that I used to stop in 3+ times a day when I lived at BYC…and now that I’ve moved, I’ve cut downKeep reading »

Meet One of My Favorite Harmouches: Mahmoud Hassoun

To me, he is a Harmouch though his name is Mahmoud Hassoun.  (His mother is Harmouch).  And this is my pretend adopted Lebanese son.  I honestly love this kid.  I used to spend about an hour a day talking to him when I lived at the Belize Yacht Club and he worked at La IslaKeep reading »

New Column: Meet One of My Favorite Harmouchs

The Lebanese are a huge part of life in San Pedro (and probably Belize).  In fact, many (most?) supermarkets and hardware stores are owned by Lebanese expats (and most are now Belizean citizens).  It is always nice to stop by a restaurant for some hummus and tabouli.  A very nice change when you eat lotsKeep reading »

One Of the Hardest Working Guys in San Pedro: Anthony

Updated:  January 29, 2022 While I haven’t seen Anthony recently, I do know his son works at Castillo’s Hardware.  I asked about Anthony and found that he is doing well…retired and relaxing after many years hard work.  Hooray! I commute to town each day from down south.  And every single day, 7 days a week,Keep reading »