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Lavish Habit Coffee Cafe

I love this super cute boutique-y name for a well needed cafe in town.  One for good real coffee AND a cool comfortable fully Wi-Fi-ed spot to hang out in.  With some desserts and paninis.

Sold.  It helps a ton that it is REALLY cute.  (If you remember the small grocery store that used to be there, you will be SHOCKED).  And it’s owned and run by a SUPER cute couple.  Naomi, a San Pedrana and her boyfriend Raphael from Guatemala.

Note:  Belize is NOT known for coffee but Guatemala IS DEFINITELY!

You’ll really like Lavish Habit.  I think I’ll find myself here QUITE often – especially with a cold coffee drink in hand on hot summer days.

Open 730am to 6pm, later on weekends, closed Tuesday