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Ocean Pearl Royale Hotel

The name is tres fancy but the place is simple and affordable.  Not on the sea but a good location (there are few bad ones in Caye Caulker).  Close to everything.


Guide books and friends seem to agree that this hotel is a great deal.  And there’s a cute background story.  From my friend Erik:

Gertraud, a nurse from Austria who came as a young woman to dive; fell in love with her dive master, Frenchie Novelo, an island boy. A romantic story, living happily ever after.

Their daughter moved to the US, married, has grandkids they fly up to see. Son Dominic married a girl from Cayo, lives there and they have a baby.   Dominic does the day-to-day running of Frenchies dive shop in Caye Caulker.

No website!  Email Gertraud at [email protected] or call for a reservation.