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Spoonaz Photo Cafe

Scoop Approved

I’ll admit it, the first time I went to Spoonaz and bought a cappuccino, I called it expensive.  I think my exact quote was “gringo prices”.

But after returning to this LOVELY cafe/air conditioned oasis right near the water taxi docks and the crowded cruise ship port, I will admit that I was wrong.  WRONG WRONG WRONG.

Some of the specialty coffees are pricey but they are also EXCELLENT.  And the food?  VERY reasonably priced and delicious.

I had a honking slice of banana bread with cream cheese icing and it was moist & heavenly.  (I don’t CARE if you hate the word “moist”.)   So much so that I returned the same day to get a hunk for the road.  And a latte.

Great spot to have a coffee and snack after shopping at nearby Mirab’s or waiting for the water taxi.

Oh and bonus!  You can get your passport photos taken right in the back.

They also have a great side garden…


and THE VIEW in Belize City.  The swing bridge and the lobster boats are as good as it gets.


If you travel to Belize City or live there, become a fan of their Facebook page.  The daily specials (like Belikin Stout beef stew) and some delicious looking pastries are posted all the time…