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Ask the Experts: Real Estate Update on Ambergris Caye

A Real Estate Update & Overview from An Expert on Ambergris Caye Quick Thoughts from Me: Here on Ambergris Caye, we are 10 days into a 28 day “total lock-down” quarantine.  My mind feels like mush most of the time as I ping pong between a confusion/mania and a quaran-stupor of napping and baking. SOKeep reading »

Owning on Ambergris Caye: HUGE Fully Loaded Family Home, 3 Miles South

Last year I introduced a new feature – a look into owning on Ambergris Caye…homes, condos, land…maybe even islands.   We’ve looked at a home 6 miles north and a condo a few miles south (you can see those below), here is the next “listing”. It’s what I call “The Neighborhood, Fully -Loaded Family Home”.  LetKeep reading »

The Great House Rises at Mahogany Bay Village, Ambergris Caye

Mahogany Bay Village is Ambergris Caye’s largest development.  Almost 2 miles south of San Pedro town and tucked back behind a gate from the road, it is being built at break neck speed by a huge crew. During different phases there will be a hotel of 200ish rooms (Phase One, open this year and managed byKeep reading »

Two Lovely Nights North on Ambergris Caye: Sapphire Beach Resort

Earlier this week I took a 20 minute boat ride to the north part of Ambergris Caye to explore and to check out Sapphire Beach Resort at mile 10.  I took a bunch of pictures of the GORGEOUS stretches of comparatively untouched beach at and around Sapphire… I keep showing this picture but, to me,Keep reading »

Going Off-The-Grid On Ambergris Caye, Belize

Ambergris Caye is much bigger than I think.  Tour guides and books tell you that the island is 26ish miles long but what is hard to conceptualize, sometimes, is the Ambergris also has some serious width to it.  That is not always easy to see. Most of us live by or visit the area within a fewKeep reading »

My Tour Around the Sanctuary Belize Mega-Project in Southern Belize

I’ve posted for the past two days about my weekend tour of the absolutely gigantic project, Sanctuary Belize.  Located between Hopkins and Placencia along the coast, the size in total is about 14,000 acres or 20 plus square miles.  Absolutely gigantic.  They have a super impressive website with the master plan and with all of theKeep reading »

Sanctuary Caye: Sanctuary Belize’s Private Island Getaway is SPECTACULAR

Over the weekend, I visited Sanctuary Belize, the massive development – (I’ll call it the) town planning project just south of Hopkins, Belize and just north of Placencia.   14,000  acres.  1,800+ lots developed and being developed. The planned project is epic (and I don’t like that overused word one bit)…the plans and the possibilitiesKeep reading »

Kanantik Resort & Sanctuary Belize – Where to Even Start?

Sanctuary Belize is a huge, well awarded development project currently happening in Southern Belize…just south of the Hopkins area and north of Placencia.  I do not use the word HUGE lightly.  The land is 14,000 acres.  About the size of the island of Manhattan, NY.  26 square miles.  Land that goes from Caribbean Sea toKeep reading »

Realizing the Dream: Buying Property in San Pedro, Belize

I have been received lots of emails over the past few months.  Lots.  And I have answers for most.  My opinions about hotels, restaurants, about my move to the island….this information I know.  But real estate is pretty new to me. I hate not having answers…so I sat down with a friend and expert (andKeep reading »

Ask the Experts: Real Estate in San Pedro

[email protected] is open to all questions, whether it is restaurants, accommodations at all prices, schools, anything. If I can’t answer it, I will ask one of “the experts”. I received an email question from Rick a few days ago about real estate.  He is coming to visit with his family in the next month or two (wife,Keep reading »

A Quick Morning Trip Around DFC

When my friends come visit me in Belize, we generally stick to the beach bars, restaurants and main strip.  But everyone always asks me, where do Belizeans live?  Everywhere of course…but there are some areas off the “beaten track” where the average tourist doesn’t go.  Let’s take a look at DFC. My understanding is thatKeep reading »