Last Days Of Belize Summer Vacation…

Or so it feels like it…rather than spending most of the days on the computer (or traveling or eating), I’ve been hitting the beach.  My most bestest friend Jamie (who is a 7th grade math teacher – pause to shudder over the thought of hoards of pubescent children) usually visits me for 4-6 weeks duringKeep reading »

A Summer Day in San Pedro, Belize – Sun, Chocolate and Pupusas

I have a friend visiting for 2 weeks – my very best friend.  And since I disappeared for 4 days of her visit to attend the amazing Belize International Film Festival down in Placencia, we absolutely need to do fun things for the remainder of her visit. Luckily, with the gorgeous weather and the waterKeep reading »

Running Around the Island Plus San Pedro Lobsterfest Gets Chocolatey

I’ve just started putting together a daily schedule for myself the night before and, get this, actually writing it down.  This running your own business thing is tricky for me – the die-hard procrastinator and queen of no organization.    I figure that something basic like a schedule can’t be THAT difficult to do. JustKeep reading »

San Pedro’s LobsterFest 2014: The Official Schedule

It IS official because I saw Belikin posters in town…and well…the festival starts TOMORROW so here is the full schedule.   I’ve added a few “unofficial” events you want might want to attend…have fun! And businesses, please email me any changes/additional information so I can update this.  If I’m going to call it official, then theKeep reading »

Extravagant Wine Pairing Dinner at the Always Delicious Casa Picasso

Belize is best known for our locally made rums and for the national beer – Belikin.  Wine is a relatively new import.  When I first moved to Belize, the selection was very limited and very expensive (even a bottle of Pina Colada flavored Boone’s is often priced over $20bzd – clearly VERY distressing to my upscaleKeep reading »

Milky Way Cafe in Belize City: Strange, Fun, Tasty and TOTALLY Unexpected

A few friends had mentioned that Milky Way Cafe is a favorite spot to eat lunch in Belize City.  So to get a bit more information, I visited the their facebook page and fascinating website. Bubble tea?  Flower pot coffees?  Themes and the motto:  Enjoy your time?  (Is this an assisted living facility?) Much of the site seemed toKeep reading »

A Beautiful Lunch At Elvi’s Kitchen And Some Animals About Town

Perhaps this is scattered topic week.  Random posts around San Pedo that actually aren’t so random.   My days, THANK GOODNESS, aren’t about sitting in an office but getting around town, there are always lots of errands to do, people to meet, places to see.  It’s hard to get the scoop sitting on your couch. HereKeep reading »

Barbecued Pork Two Ways or How To Ship A Pig’s Head in Belize

Fair warning:  If seeing the head of a cooked barbecued pig makes you squeamish, this is not the post for you. Pork, I think, is Belize’s most delicious meat.  When I first had a thick cut pork chop in San Pedro, it was a bit of a revelation.   One, because I had been a veganKeep reading »

Hopkins, Belize: A Village Tour & Travelling There

Hopkins is a small village (Pop. less than 2000) stretched between two rivers on the Caribbean Sea.  South of Dangriga and north of Placencia,   And, as with many villages in southern Belize, it has a feel all its own.  Here’s a map (that I snagged from a hotel down there) so you can get someKeep reading »

Lunch at Elvi’s Kitchen on Another Perfect Beach Day

I have no vehicle for driving about Ambergris Caye.  No golf cart (new ones cost $15-22K BZD…I mean SERIOUSLY?), no car, no bicycle (I seem to be the only person on the island that arrives at their destination drenched in sweat…how does everyone make it look so effortless?)…sometimes I take a taxi, sometimes I hitchKeep reading »