Fresh Baked Bread and Cinnamon Buns: San Pedro’s The Baker

Ambergris Caye’s “The Baker” has been open for about five years.    With various locations and a handful of different owners, I hadn’t been much of a customer.   And honestly?  I hadn’t heard much about it around town. Without rave reviews, I was just going to stay away.  Though I am no health nut,Keep reading »

Last Night’s DELICIOUS Tasting Menu at Casa Picasso in San Pedro

Casa Picasso is one of my favorite restaurants in San Pedro.   They do delicious tapas, have a seriously comfortable cocktail bar and outside loungy area…really good people and good food.  It is definitely on the list (along with Blue Water Grill and Elvi’s Kitchen and others) of my “MUST DINES” for dinner in SanKeep reading »

The BEST Dessert in San Pedro, Belize (and The Entire Country)

2013 was my year of desserts…but it is as if that year never ends!   After deciding not to worry about things like calories or vitamins, minerals or fiber content (for the time being!)…a big slice of pie or cake seems like the perfect lunch, a brownie, a very satisfying dinner.   A stop at anKeep reading »

Gorgeous Weather, A Christmas Gift And A Bit More

It’s Christmas and New Year’s week in San Pedro, Belize – one of the busiest times of the year.  The hotels, restaurants and tours are full, the town is lit and everyone (who is not working) seems to be at the beach.  Yesterday was a gorgeous day so I took a walk south. The veryKeep reading »

Ramon’s Village in San Pedro – Did They Make the Construction Deadline?

Ramon’s Village in San Pedro has been FEVERISHLY rebuilding after the huge fire at the end of August.   I took pictures the morning after the fire while many of the buildings were still smoldering and then pictures in mid-October and then in the beginning of December.  COULD Ramon’s open for the official date, would theyKeep reading »