MELT Brings Some Seriously Delicious Comfort Food to San Pedro, Belize

Based on my possibly problematic addiction to the Food Network and the Travel Channel, it seems like that food-wise, the last few years have been all about fancifying classic American comfort food.  Over-the-top sliders, gourmet hot dogs, craft peanut butter sandwich boutiques, upscale sausage places (I think they are called charcuteries now…they are that fancy)…WellKeep reading »

A Rib BBQ Cook-Off at Estel’s Dine By the Sea: First Annual?

Yesterday, my friend Kevin invited me to an impromptu BBQ rib cook-off being held at Estel’s.  The prize?  $800!  He was competing with three other participants (one from the island, one from Kansas City and one from Oregon) to name the best ribs on the island.  An idea the four of them cooked up overKeep reading »

Trying Something New: Sandbar Bar & Restaurant

Update at the bottom of the post. I love something new.  Another sports bar in San Pedro?  Serving wings and Belikins?  Ho-hum.  There are so many bars and restaurants in this town, that I do love it when someone has the creativity (or the money) to try something more.  (It’s VERY hard to come upKeep reading »

Try this Place: Casa Picasso’s First Anniversary Party

Last night a good chunk of the town arrived at Casa Picasso to celebrate the re-opening for “the season”, Casa Picasso’s one year anniversary party and to taste the new food from their brand new chef.  Some were a bit late…there was a town-wide meeting at the High School at the same time!…but everyone…EVERYONE wasKeep reading »

Around Town: Geo’s Hideaway, The Post Office, Wild Mango’s and More

Yesterday I decided to try a new spot for lunch.  You might think that would be a tough task in such a small town.  San Pedro’s population is under 30,000.  But there is a new bar or restaurant springing up constantly.  CONSTANTLY.And, the scuttlebutt around town is that Geo’s Hideaway Cafe and Meat Market (interestingKeep reading »

Yummy Brunch at Red Ginger Restaurant and the Beautiful Phoenix Resort

Where I’m from, Sunday morning brunch is a big deal.  On a warm spring Sunday, around 1-2pm, the streets of Manhattan are packed with people either eating or lining up to eat and drink brunch.Here in Belize?  It’s only starting to grow in popularity.  Estel’s is a very popular breakfast place and always has aKeep reading »

Beach Trash Clean-up on a GORGEOUS Saturday Morning Plus A Bit of Fried Chicken

The past few days, Ambergris Caye has seen the most beautiful weather.  Intensely blue skies, pretty puffy white clouds with lavender underbellies,  a slightly cooling breeze, super HOT sun and at night?  A huge full moon.Rainy season?  What rainy season? Yesterday also happened to be International Coastal Clean-Up Day organized by the ocean conservation group,Keep reading »

Casa Picasso: A Vietnamese Feast And Some Very Tasty Cocktails

Last night, Casa Picasso restaurant closed for a special event.  Tien, the chef, was preparing a fixed 3 course menu of tasty Vietnamese plates by reservation only.  Casa Picasso’s menu always has a touch of an Asian flair …from Malaysian Chicken Satay to Shrimp Fritters with Spicy Peanut sauce…but there is tons more.  Like Crab Mac &Keep reading »

A Walk on A Breezy Day: A New Casino and Some Tasty Hog Fish

Yesterday was a beauty, warm, sunny and breezy.  The sea was pretty choppy and churned up.  Lots of sea grass was keeping the beach raking crews very busy.  I spent most of my day getting a serious sunburn on my face.  But I did get out of the pool for a bit. There is aKeep reading »

A Must Do in San Pedro: Brunch at Estel’s

There are a few places that I recommend to EVERYONE that visits Ambergris Caye. You need to snorkel at Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley.  Have a beer or two at the Palapa Bar.  And you must have breakfast at least once at Estel’s Dine By the Sea. You’ll find it right on the beachKeep reading »

A Morning Walk Turns into Breakfast

I woke up early today to take a long walk down the beach.  A little much needed exercise.  The sun was just up, fishermen were trolling for bait fish and pelicans were drying their wings in the wind. The dock is just south of me at a condo complex called Tara Del Mar. And justKeep reading »

More About My Tuesday: Lunch, Legends and a Look Around Town

I posted a few days ago about my brush with “celebrity” at the Chicken Drop (see:  Wahoo’s Lounge) but my day started much earlier with a walk into town.  A visitor was showing local kids, Mark and Johnny, how to search for hidden treasure on the beach. The sun was definitely coming out after aKeep reading »