Extravagant Wine Pairing Dinner at the Always Delicious Casa Picasso

Belize is best known for our locally made rums and for the national beer – Belikin.  Wine is a relatively new import.  When I first moved to Belize, the selection was very limited and very expensive (even a bottle of Pina Colada flavored Boone’s is often priced over $20bzd – clearly VERY distressing to my upscaleKeep reading »

Shopping in Belize: My Favorite Souvenirs On Ambergris Caye

Shopping for souvenirs on vacation is one of my least favorite things to do.  I do NOT enjoy wasting quality beach, snorkel and tour time sifting through…junk.  And often it is just that.  Shot glasses, fridge magnets, junky jewelry, tacky t-shirts.   What seemed funny when you riding on your vacation high, is more just…embarassingKeep reading »

Middle Street San Pedro Finds – Art and Ice

As many of you know, the town of San Pedro, Belize has three main roads – The Front Street, Middle Street and the Back Street.  Each has more recently been renamed but I never hear anyone refer to these streets as Tarpon Street or…I don’t even remember the other names.  It’s easiest to keep themKeep reading »

Two Very Funky Businesses in Hopkins, Belize Producing Great Stuff

Hopkins, on the southern coast of Belize, has a feel all it’s own.  The landscape is beautiful…beach to mountains.  And the village proper is tiny, friendly and colorful.  (You can look at many of my pictures here.)  I really enjoyed my four nights in Hopkins and was busy the whole time. There are PLENTY ofKeep reading »

Fresh Baked Bread and Cinnamon Buns: San Pedro’s The Baker

Ambergris Caye’s “The Baker” has been open for about five years.    With various locations and a handful of different owners, I hadn’t been much of a customer.   And honestly?  I hadn’t heard much about it around town. Without rave reviews, I was just going to stay away.  Though I am no health nut,Keep reading »

Caye Coffee, Construction and $1 Cotton Candy in San Pedro, Belize

I’m a giant fan of coffee.  And, after visiting a coffee finca (plantation) in the mountains of Colombia (how very Juan Valdez of me, don’t you think?), spending some serious time in the Rum, Cigar and Coffee House in downtown San Pedro and in Starbucks around the world, I fancy myself quite the know-it-all onKeep reading »

Belizean Melody: Melody Sanchez Wolfe is Making San Pedro More Beautiful

Art is good for everyone.  (I’m deep, right?)  Creativity, self-expression, child development, mood elevation, beauty, allowing us to dream…there are hundreds of reasons that art & culture should be part of daily life.  I love the fact that everyone can do it and everyone can enjoy it.   I’m no philosopher but you are pickingKeep reading »

MayaBags in Punta Gorda, Belize: All I Want For Christmas Is You

I found the #1 item on my Christmas list for 2013 in Punta Gorda, Belize.  Seeing these bags in person, feeling the amazing quality only confirmed my desire (I’ve been wanting one for about a year now).   Check out these GORGEOUS pieces of art made in Belize by Mayan craftswomen and sold locally butKeep reading »

My Two Favorite Gift & Souvenir Shops in Placencia

I am not good at exploring gift shops on any vacation even when travelling around Belize.  I think I am allergic to cheesy shot glasses, crappy neon mesh “You’d Better Belize It” half shirts (though they do make EXCELLENT Halloween costumes)… and junky refrigerator magnets with molded plastique toucans on them.  Seriously…are you kidding me?Keep reading »

Beautiful Souvenirs & Delicious Desserts: Kakaw’s Chocolate Boutique Opens in San Pedro

I am always on the look-out for great souvenir places with Belizean made products to recommend.  And even more….ALWAYS looking for a place that does great desserts (an often over-looked or super pricey part of meals here in San Pedro).  Yesterday, the Belize Chocolate Company opened it’s “chocolate boutique” on Front Street and…well…it’s perfect.  SoKeep reading »

Funny to Me: Power Lifting at La Divinia Providencia

I shop at one of my favorite stores La Divinia Providencia in Escalante at least four times a week.  If you haven’t been, you can read about my love for these guys (and their location) here if you like.  They are a classic neighborhood grocery store and restaurant…super friendly and they serve some KILLER stuffed jalapenos each night.IKeep reading »

Saturday Morning Shopping: Hitting The "Pacas" Circuit

Recently when I ask any lady in town where she got her cute, new blouse/skirt/dress, the answer seems to be the same.  “Gial, the pacas.  Only $2BZD”.  Huh?  $2bzd ($1USD) for that cute real cotton pair of shorts?  IMPOSSIBLE!And it’s usually followed up with some far-fetched statement like this:  “I also snagged two pairs of OldKeep reading »