A Fun Shopping Experience In San Pedro: The Rum, Cigar and Coffee Shop

I am still trying to highlight good spots to shop and look for souvenirs when you are visiting San Pedro, Belize.  So let’s get going…My first featured spot was Graniel’s Dreamland, a great place to find San Pedro-made Belizean hardwood crafts and furniture.  It is absolutely a place you must stop when you’re here.   AnotherKeep reading »

The Search for Christmas Decorations and Spirit…

It is hard to feel super Christmasy with this grey drizzly weather that has been hanging over us for days.  So earlier this week, I went in search of some basic decorations for my super awesome silver tinsel tree. I quickly found there were a few basic flaws in my plan.  December 7th is WAYKeep reading »

MY Clothes Shopping in San Pedro

Buying clothes, for me, is pretty difficult in San Pedro.  There are quite a few boutiques in town but I find that most of the clothes are either way too dressy (all of my shirts do not need to be bedazzled), way too small or made of the itchiest possible synthetic nylons. Basic cotton shortsKeep reading »

Sunday Morning Shopping, Yard Chickens And the Lottery

I decided to do some Sunday morning shopping for three reasons:  my refrigerator right now contains mayo,  spices and hot sauce,  it may be my last day with a golf cart and I wanted to test out my $100-150bzd estimate that I gave as a preliminary food budget in San Pedro in  I’ve been askedKeep reading »

The Target or Walmart of San Pedro, Caye Supplies

ing Caye Supplies has been on Back Street since I moved to San Pedro but it has grown by about 5 times over the years by adding a second floor and getting so much more merchandise.   When I first arrived in town,  it is nice to think that I wanted to live the simple life. Keep reading »

Bizarre San Pedro: A&R

Warning before you read this post.  If you think I am too negative or not funny, please press the “back” arrow on your browser. I had been to the A&R in Belize City about two years ago and was completely turned off.  Junk, junk and more junk.   But as luck would have it, I was there toKeep reading »

Fave Business: La Divina Providencia

I am a total sucker for customer service.  Greet me with a huge smile?  Pretend I am your long lost BFF?  Ask me how I’m doing?   I am your newest and bestest customer.  I will pay $3 extra a pound for the same Quality Poultry legs or 1-2-3 oil or beans that they sell everywhere else.  ButKeep reading »

San Pedro LOVES a Fashion Show…maybe even more than a beauty contest

Wandering down Front Street and this sign caught my eye.  One Barrel, One Love…very cute.  Free Rum?  YES!  Live music and giveaways!  YES YES!  Fashion show?  Now you’ve got San Pedro hooked.  This town loves that stuff.  Almost more than we love to see Toddler and Tiara style kids with fake eyelashes…  So, I wandered down to LoveKeep reading »