Tours From The Island

WHAT A VIEW: Parasailing over the Reef and Ambergris Caye

My three biggest fears in life, in order are:  1.  Heights 2. Public Speaking and 3. Death.  But this was my second time parasailing and I felt like a pro.  No more nerves (though it was a breezy day) – I felt totally secure with the heavy duty sitting sling I had climbed into…and theKeep reading »

Snapshot Sunday: The Week ALL Over Belize

Instead of losing interesting in Instagram, I become more and more enamored.  Despite the fact that of the 400 million users, 90% are estimated to be below 35 years old.  I…miss that demographic by a few years.  But it’s such an easy, fun, fast way to share your pictures and follow what others are doingKeep reading »

Belize’s Black Hole Drop: Leave The Chicken at The Top

Belize’s Maya Mountains (that cover much of the lower left quadrant of the country) sit atop caves and hidden rivers…places discovered and undiscovered.  Yesterday, starting in Ambergris Caye (and returning there in the same day), I hiked deep into the jungle, dropped 300 feet into a limestone sink hole and lived to tell the tale.Keep reading »

Belize Game Fishing and The Big November Tournament

When you think big game fishing…I’m not sure you think Belize.  Fly fishing YES!  Always Belize.  Check out this article about 11 of the World’s Best Fishing Spots.  Belize is right there but for our “inshore slam” – the permit, the tarpon and the bonefish. But we have deep waters – just after our reef,Keep reading »

A Magical Manatee, Caye Caulker & The Changes At the Split

Yesterday was THE DAY to get in the water.  Hot and perfectly still in the morning, Carl of Imagine Tours met us at the gas station dock in town.  It was just four of us…and the day was ours.  We had one REAL goal.  To swim with a manatee. Lunch in Caye Caulker…especially Fried Chicken Friday atKeep reading »

Snorkeling Belize’s Blue Hole: This Trip is SO MUCH MORE

It’s One of the MOST Famous Trips When You Visit:  Belize Blue Hole Tours Starting to tackle perhaps the most FAMOUS ways sights in all of Belize – the Great Blue Hole. I don’t know how many times it has happened…too many to count. Visitor finds out I write a blog about Belize.  Visitor asksKeep reading »

Snapshot Sunday: My Week Jungle to Reef in Belize

Sometimes you just feel lucky.  And this past week or so has been one of those times.  I went from spelunking the ATM cave in the Cayo District of Belize (yes…I said spelunking) and watching gorgeous toucans as I enjoyed breakfast to sitting on a sandbar on the leeward side of Ambergris Caye and eating gorgeousKeep reading »

The West or Leeward Side of Ambergris Caye…It’s Just Heaven

After spending three nights in the gorgeous jungle and Mystic River Resort, I arrived back on Ambergris Caye for some truly beautiful weather.  And while I still need to tell you about caving, hiking and waterfalls…let me switch back to the caye right now. It is what makes Belize such a SPECTACULAR country.  One dayKeep reading »

A Charter Flight Over The Barrier Reef and the Blue Hole…OH BELIZE!

Just a few weeks ago, Danielle Burruss and her husband stayed for one GORGEOUS week at Grand Caribe Resort.  GORGEOUS week.  I located some of her sunrise photos on Instagram (follow her – she’s still posting lots of gorgeous pictures of Belize!) and I’ve basically been Insta-stalking her ever since. Photography is her passion CLEARLY…andKeep reading »

Flying Over Ambergris Caye with Belize Parasail…DOLPHINS!

I got an offer I could not refuse.  Come meet us at Fido’s Dock in downtown San Pedro and try parasailing…just give it a try. I’d never been parasailing.  I’ve seen the parachutes floating over the reef but heights?  So not my thing. After a few weeks of hemming and hawing, I decided to give itKeep reading »

My Yesterday: Winds, A Dog Training Cruise, Croc Hunting and A Pupusa

Yesterday the sun and the relatively high winds continued.   “The Easter winds” or “The March/April Blow” – the late Spring is usually pretty blustery and warm in Belize.  Perfect for our kite boarder from yesterday’s post… and equally nice if you are taking a walk around town.  No one in the hot sun ever cursedKeep reading »

Amazingly Beautiful Stormy Day Sailing on the Rum Punch 2

Yesterday was my friend John’s birthday and well, this year he’s going to have a hard time beating the last one.   During the past 12 months, he met the love of his life, Dawn, here in San Pedro, Belize, proposed on the beach in Playa del Carmen, Mexico AND married her on Valentine’s DayKeep reading »

Arriving by Cruise Ship? What to Expect From A Day In Belize

Morning from Rhode Island, Only two more full days here and I’m travelling EARLY back to Cancun and then Belize.  Here is an excellent guest post from Meg.  She’s done quite a few guest posts for me…sometimes going where I have been a bit too wimpy to go.  Like to the ATM caves (almost everyoneKeep reading »