Travel in Belize

My Summer Aspiration List: Slow Season Do’s in Belize, Part One

Summer in Belize.  The weather gets warmer, we start to have rain showers now and again (though mostly at night), tourism slows AND travel prices drop.  It’s also the time when people that live here generally have some time off to enjoy our island a bit more. Though that tends to come hand in handKeep reading »

Sea Front Sarteneja, Belize: A Charming QUIET Village

Sarteneja is a small village on the coast of Northern Belize’s Corozal district that can’t help but charm.  The water is a distinctive chalky aqua, the old style fishing boats are bobbing in the breeze and the white village streets are lined with neat homes and huge almond & mango trees. The village has aKeep reading »

My Journey from Ambergris Caye To Placencia & A Look Around

Belize is a tiny country – but travel, depending on your time and your budget (but mostly your budget), can be time consuming. A few days ago, I took the slow route south – from Ambergris Caye to Placencia.  The quaint, colorful, vibrant village famous for their deep long beach and sidewalk main street. AKeep reading »

Lamanai Landing Hotel and Some Great Tours in Orange Walk, Belize

What is there to see and do in Orange Walk, Belize? Let me show you a few excellent tours.

I do love an invitation.  Last week I signed up for a pretty exciting trip to Orange Walk.  Most exciting because, for years, I was operating under the belief that those who visited the northwest district of Belize were going to see one of Belize’s grandest Mayan sites – Lamanai.  Only. It’s a “do notKeep reading »

The Fun, Funny, Quirky and Just Plain Odd Signs of Belize

The cute, odd, fun, funny Signs of Belize.

Road signs, store signs, and just random warning signs…there are lots of beautiful hand-painted, intentionally or unintentional funny signs and often unexpected signs in this little country. On Tobacco Caye though this one could be in SO many spots. Here are a bunch of photos that I’ve taken over the last few years all around theKeep reading »

Heroes in The Jungle: Belize’s Race To Save The WILD Scarlet Macaw

To see 10…16…20 scarlet macaws flying across the late afternoon sky is almost hard to believe.  Always even numbers, these surreally colorful, gorgeous birds mate for life.  Shrieking, gliding in tandem and so garishly colored, it’s as if evolution forgot them.  There is no missing them in the jungle of one thousand greens. These birds areKeep reading »

Packing for Deep Jungle Camping in Belize And A Bit of Birdwatching

This weekend I head into the Chiquibul Nature Reserve to join volunteers that are camping at the bottoms of huge trees to protect Belize’s Scarlet Macaws from poaching. Last year, I did one night…this year, I will do four.  BABY STEPS!  Most volunteers head into the jungle for 14 nights.  No internet.  No electricity.  No phone.Keep reading »

San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize: The Changes, The Restaurants and My Guesthouse

San Ignacio is a central hub for travelers crossing Belize – from the Cayes, from Tikal Maya Site in Guatemala.  It’s THE central kick-off spot for “jungle activities” – caving, cave tubing, zip lining, hiking, and more. I haven’t walked through the town that slopes down a steep hill to the Macal River in almostKeep reading »

The Chaa Creek Eco-Campers Have the Times of Their Lives

The Lodge at Chaa Creek is an absolute gem in Belize in the midst of the most beautiful forest.  And this year, I was lucky enough to be invited back for two nights of Eco-Kids Summer Camp. For 7 years now, 24 kids from every corner of Belize have been chosen based on an essay forKeep reading »

One Day in Belize City for the BTB Digital Marketing Summit

Aside from the alarm clock going off at 5:30am, this event hosted by the Belize Tourism board was right up my alley.  A full line up of marketers, photography, social media and tech expert – people who make a living figuring out what travelers want – all in one room.  I boarded the 6:30am, SURPRISINGLYKeep reading »

Traveling from San Pedro, Belize to Cayo & My Fabulous Destination

Yesterday, I departed San Pedro at 8:30am to head west.  From San Pedro to the Cayo District – the largest of them all and one that is so jam packed with things to do (caves, rivers, hiking, wildlife, Mayan sites), it’s almost too much. Start point green, end point red. 105 miles by my route.Keep reading »

Belize’s First SERIOUS Deli: The Farm House Deli in Belmopan

Living on Ambergris Caye, Belize, I miss some simple things but I obviously find that the pluses make up for the minuses since in May, it’ll be my 9 year Belize anniversary!  I miss magazines and the Sunday New York Times, I miss a bit of shopping but not much and I miss sandwiches.  GreatKeep reading »

San Pedro To Belmopan and Back…Picking Up My New US Passport

As of January 1, 2016, The US Embassy in Belmopan, Belize no longer adds additional pages to your valid passport.  When it’s full, it’s full.  And it was time to get a new one. A trip to Kerala, India would require two full pages for my Indian visa.  It was time to move fast.  IKeep reading »

Gorgeous Villa Margarita in Hopkins, Belize and Beyond….

Hopkins, Belize time.  I had spent two nights at amazing Sleeping Giant Jungle Lodge – enjoying the view, the staff, the food and the amazing suite. But like many who stay in the jungle, I was doing a two-part trip to Belize.  Half jungle and half beach.  I was headed south, next, to unique andKeep reading »

2015: What a Year to Be in Belize! Part Three

Present day:  I am just back from gorgeous Sleeping Giant Lodge in Cayo and super charming Hopkins, Belize.  And…AND…I’ve been “short listed” to go to Kerala India thanks to everyone’s votes!  All I need to do is present a copy of my passport (check) and report to India.  INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  on February 14th. Kerala.  One ofKeep reading »