Travel in Belize

Gorgeous Villa Margarita in Hopkins, Belize and Beyond….

Hopkins, Belize time.  I had spent two nights at amazing Sleeping Giant Jungle Lodge – enjoying the view, the staff, the food and the amazing suite. But like many who stay in the jungle, I was doing a two-part trip to Belize.  Half jungle and half beach.  I was headed south, next, to unique andKeep reading »

2015: What a Year to Be in Belize! Part Three

Present day:  I am just back from gorgeous Sleeping Giant Lodge in Cayo and super charming Hopkins, Belize.  And…AND…I’ve been “short listed” to go to Kerala India thanks to everyone’s votes!  All I need to do is present a copy of my passport (check) and report to India.  INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  on February 14th. Kerala.  One ofKeep reading »

Sleeping Giant Lodge In the Maya Mountains Continues to Amaze Me

I visited Sleeping Giant Lodge in Cayo, Belize for the first time in August 2014 and was…blown away.  I gushed.  Yes I did.  And you can see it all here.  But the casita (larger than my apartment), the pool and the view…I’d seen nothing like it in Belize.  (Please…take a look.) This past Monday, afterKeep reading »

From Ambergris Caye To Belmopan to….Ahhhhh….Sleeping Giant Lodge

Sunday was absolute Caribbean perfection.  The wind had shifted – and the sea was calm and flat and incredibly blue.  Perfect for breakfast/brunch/RIBS at Estel’s on the beach. But overnight, a cold front came through – which in the States/Canada means ominous words like POLAR VORTEX – and here means a shift of the winds. Keep reading »

From San Pedro to Dangriga, Belize For a Free Veterinary Clinic

Yesterday morning, I woke up early to pack for a short trip to Southern Belize.  Short in duration, not in travel time.   Just one day to help with a free veterinary clinic that I helped with last year.  The clinic where I ended up finding the best dog in the world.   ELSIE!  Who in oneKeep reading »

A Special Mystic River Resort Tour: Sapodilla Falls and Blancaneaux Cave

After a day at the ATM Cave and then a gorgeous braised goat in red wine meal, I fell into my comfy bed at Mystic River Resort at about 7:30pm. I really really REALLY tried to stay awake but by about 7:39pm, I was out for the night.

While the ATM cave does not leave you winded or have you performing any moves that require great strength, you body is trying to stabilize much of the time and I was sore in areas that are rarely sore. Like my ankles and my hands (from just gripping the sides of the cave), the quiet

Finn Kardashian Backpacks BELIZE! A Trip To San Ignacio

Over the past month or so, we followed my SUPER FUN and talented friend Finn on a pretty awesome adventure – from his home town and the place of his birth, San Pedro, Belize, all the way down to Panama City.  All backpacking.  But all done Finn’s way.  We’ve named it the Finn Kardashian way.Keep reading »

Road Trip with Chef Sean Kuylen: Buying Belize

I am a giant fan of Chef Sean Kuylen.  Born and raised in Dangriga, Belize, trained informally, first by his family and then formally, at cooking school in the states, he returned to Belize to work at beautiful resorts like Hamanasi in Hopkins and Ka’ana in Cayo.  He has BOUNDLESS enthusiasm for Belize and local food. JustKeep reading »

From San Pedro to Hopkins, Belize To Help: It’s NEVER Been Hipper to Snip

Yesterday, for most of the day, I made my way south for a volunteer veterinary clinic held by the AMAZING Hopkins Humane Society.   A relatively recent operation – founded in 2008 – that is…well…kicking ass in the village of Hopkins (population around 1000) and around Belize. Spaying and neutering dogs (over 1100 last year alone!),Keep reading »

El Gran Mestizo Hotel, Orange Walk & Heading Back Home

I JUST got back from Belize’s North-Westernist district, Orange Walk.  The 4th largest town in Belize (can you name the first three?) is getting ready for their biggest event of the year – the September 21st, Belize’s 33rd birthday celebrations. Since I can’t be there for that day – the very IDEA of missing SanKeep reading »