Travel in Belize

Spanish Lookout, Cayo, Belize: Mennonites and Well…Just Odd…

There are many places that surprise me in Belize.  I mean constantly.  Belize City is so much more beautiful than you expected.  Cayo, only a few hours away, is bursting with all sorts of crazy wild life.  I won’t get too corny… But Spanish Lookout is the town that, in my three visits, is justKeep reading »

A Shady Place…The Guatemala/Belize Border: Drinking Beers at Champon

I’d been there before.  A place called Champon,  a sort of no man’s land after you cross the border from Belize and before the border entry of Guatemala.  Shady?  Very.  Interesting?  Always.  The reason to visit this place?  Here it is… Driving out of San Ignacio town at dusk along the river towards the GuatemalanKeep reading »

Taking the Bus To The Belize Zoo on ONE HOT DAY

Somehow I always find a way to make things more difficult…usually without even trying.  Last Saturday, I attended the 2013 Bandfest and Trinidad & Tobago v. Belize soccer match on what I will now melodramatically refer to as “the hottest day of my life”. The next day, I later found out, was even hotter.  ApparentlyKeep reading »

A Trip to Lamanai: It’s Not Just Mayan Ruins

Visiting a Mayan site is at the top of many vacation lists for people visiting Belize.  One of the best is a day trip from Ambergris Caye…a long day trip.  But after seeing birds, monkeys, crocodiles, cool Mayan carvings. and questioning whether you can get back down the STEEP temple that you just climbed, it’sKeep reading »

More Pictures From 2013 Band Fest In Belmopan And The Winners

  Yesterday was a very busy day in Belmopan.  It felt like the whole country came out to support the youth of Belize in the 2013 Band Fest.  And it wasn’t easy.  Yesterday may have been one of the hottest days of my life.  Soaring to 100 degrees, these kids all deserve an extra medalKeep reading »

Belmopan Band Fest 2013 Parade Pictures

The parade through Belmopan to kick off Band Fest 2013 is still going on.  It started at 8:30am and should continue for a few hours…2 miles all the way down to the football stadium. I thought I’d take a quick time-out from the heat…MAN IT IS HOT IN BELMOPAN TODAY…and share a few pictures beforeKeep reading »

Guest Blogger: Carrie’s Whirlwind Tour of Belize, Part Two

Good morning, guys, It’s about 30 degrees in New Jersey with a very light snow/ice covering but it looks like we are going to have a nice one (if you call 48 degrees and sunny nice).  We’d better…I’m heading into the city this afternoon and there are few places that feel as chilly in theKeep reading »

Eating Lunch in Belmopan – Caladium Restaurant

I will admit, I haven’t spent extensive time in our nation’s capital of Belmopan.  I’ve been there numerous times for government business, I’ve had a few drinks, a few meals,  had crazy fun at the Belmopan Agriculture Trade Show, I’ve played some pool, I’ve purchased some cheap, fresh fruits and vegetables, I even came veryKeep reading »

Hidden Valley Inn: Maybe I AM Outdoorsy

Yesterday I described how I travelled from Ambergris Caye to Hidden Valley Inn in the Cayo district of Belize.  Once here there is almost too much to keep you occupied.We decided to take a morning tour around the property with one of the guides.  Like I mentioned yesterday, Hidden Valley Inn is set on 7200Keep reading »

Prince Harry Comes to Belize: My Scoop

I’ll be upfront with you from the beginning.  I do not have the best pictures around.  REAL media was at this event…BBC, Australia’s Channel 9, the Associated Press.  And they had real press passes.  Ones that allowed them to get really close to the tall, slender, young prince.  But I travelled from San Pedro toKeep reading »

The Way I See It: Hopkins vs. San Pedro/Ambergris Caye

I’ve been asked by quite a few people since I visited Hopkins, Belize “how does it compare to San Pedro?”  Would you recommend the Cayes or Hopkins? It’s a hard question to answer.  They are so many differences…size being the most obvious one.  And I live in San Pedro and have done for almost 5Keep reading »

Marie Sharp Is From San Pedro! Who Knew?

You probably did.  But I had no idea.  Here’s how I found out… Before I took my flight back to San Pedro, I caught a taxi from downtown Dangriga to the Marie Sharp factory.  The taxi driver first tried to charge me $60bzd (he waits while you tour), I got him down to $50bzd.  ButKeep reading »