Greetings From Rhode Island: My USA Seems Just As I Left It

Over 10 years ago, I moved, permanently, from New York City to San Pedro, Belize.   I didn’t move because I didn’t like the USA – on the contrary, I love New York.  I just loved Belize too – and I wanted to experience all that Belize has to offer. I now travel to AmericaKeep reading »

Flores, Guatemala: Is it More Than Just Tikal?

Just 2 days ago, I embarked on my 2 week trip in Guatemala.  Not exactly backpacking since the idea of sharing a dorm room with the young party crowd makes me feel…well…tired. But a lazy tour taken solo with a budget (or a guideline budget of $50US a day) – no real schedule or plans exceptKeep reading »

Travel on the Horizon – An Adventure Right Next Door

My desire to travel – wanderlust – has really kicked in recently.  Call it island fever…call it itchy feet but it’s time to plan a trip.  And I think I found the perfect time… My very favorite thing in the world is travel…well…and dessert…but in second place is planning a trip.  And last year, my bigKeep reading »

My Pared Down Travel Dream List for Central America – IT WILL Be a Reality

Central America, mistakenly I think, is often looked at as a place to enjoy nature and wildlife ONLY.  But as you look closer, it’s a place of colonial cities, art, indigenous cultures, delicious foods, coffee and chocolate, Maya sites, beaches, diving and, yes, tons of gorgeous and often totally foreign, flora and fauna. In NovemberKeep reading »

15 Books that Make Me Want to Travel NOW

15 books that make me want to travel NOW

Since I was small, I’ve been a reader.  And when I find a book that I love…I’ll read it again and again.  Yearly, if not more.  As a kid, those books were the Little House on the Prarie series, Heidi (I read it every single time I was sick)…and later books like Jane Eyre and Rebecca.Keep reading »

12 Things I Did Not Expect AT ALL About Kerala, India

I am generally one who likes to travel without reading too much about a place.  Sure, it helps to know the weather and if any important vaccinations will be needed – but other than that, I like to arrive without someone else’s ideas packed in my head.  And it helped that I was completely caught off guardKeep reading »

Varkala Beach in Kerala: Beach Heaven in India? It Just May Be…

The Kerala Blog Express is officially over.  15 days, 30 bloggers, 25 countries (26 if you include Belize) and a whirlwind tour of the entire state – from mountains, to the gorgeous houseboats to the tea plantations.  But we had only a brief visit at the beach (Kovalam) – and I had read that the beachesKeep reading »

The Backwater Region – A Magical MUST DO in Kerala, India

Kerala, India has so many things that make it unique within India and rest of the world.  It has an amazingly high literacy rate (about 95%) and the lowest birthrate in India.  The landscape ranges from the coconut palm lined beaches of the Arabian Sea to the gorgeous Backwater lakes and canals to the mountains,Keep reading »