A Holiday, Continued Stormy Weather and A British Commonwealth Trivia Quiz

Today is a national holiday in Belize called both Commonwealth Day and Sovereign Day.  School, banks and government offices are basically the only things closed.Unlike the UK holiday Commonwealth Day, we celebrate in May rather than on March 9th.  In Belize and other countries, it is more a celebration of the Queen’s official birthday.  (StrangeKeep reading »

Belize Trivia…It’s Back

I had quite a run of trivia last fall and thought I ran out of material.  Not true…so much more nitpicking to do.See how high you can score with these random questions.1.  (2 points)  Dean Barrow, just re-elected as Prime Minister of Belize last week, was (and still is) the first black leader when firstKeep reading »

Trivia: Guess That Mayan Ruin

With 2012 (the much talked about end of the Mayan calendar and possible END OF THE WORLD) just around the bend, the Mayan people are going to be in the spotlight. And seriously, it’s about time. The ancient Mayans have been overshadowed by the glitzier Egyptians, Greek, Sumatrans, and more.  But they were advanced, andKeep reading »

My Mosquito Trivia Challenge

These guys are on my mind (and my ankles) right now.  How about a little quiz about the deadliest animal on earth?   That’s right, the deadliest to humans.   Mosquitoes may carry any number of deadly diseases, including malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and encephalitis. Mosquitoes also carry heartworm, which can be lethal to your dogKeep reading »

So You Think You Know Belize? Part 3

Part Three in the Belize Trivia Collection.  Score yourself and let me know how you do.  1.  Over 60% of Belize identifies itself as one religion.  What religion is that?  (1 pt) 2.  Belize and Dominican Republic both have the same national tree: the Mahogany tree.  No one else shares our national animal.  What is it? (1Keep reading »

So You Think You Know About Belize? Part Two

Last week’s trivia quiz was quite popular and some said, a bit too difficult.   Too difficult?  No more excuses, lazy readers.  Start studying for next week’s!  No more whining.  Let’s get to it. 1.  Which hurricane killed the most people in Belize? 2.  Belize loves manatees and we boast the highest density of any country in theKeep reading »

So You Think You Know About Belize? Trivia, Part One

To warm ourselves up for the September Celebrations in Belize…let’s review a bit of trivia about our favorite country. DO NOT CHEAT.  Take this test, score yourself and pass it on. If your score is:Less than 5:  Wadda gwan?  That is shameful.  You call yourself a lover of Belize?  6-7 points:  You are not a totalKeep reading »