After The Rains…The Most BEAUTIFUL Day Ever

Yesterday was so perfect on Ambergris Caye…so sunny and fresh and gorgeous.  Lower humidity…a little almost-chill to the air early in the morning (only noticeable if you have been living in the Tropics for years and years)…so insanely over-the-top beautiful that I had to show you pictures. Our dog walk in the early afternoon. BeforeKeep reading »

What Is the Weather Like In Belize in September? HOT

What is the Weather like In Belize in September? Right now, we are at the peak of Hurricane season – a season that spans 6 months, June 1st to November 30th.  But September 10/11 is the historical zenith and it just takes one look at NOAA’s storm map to see this year, we are rightKeep reading »

Brrrr….Belize Cold Front Ends, Next One on Its Way

Each December and January…sometimes into February, we get a few cold fronts in Belize.  The wind shifts – blowing in from the north – and the humidity plummets (from the usual 90+%).  It feels legitimately cold though the temperature rarely goes below the high 60s. Belize hasn’t embraced the dramatic language of our northern AccuWeatherKeep reading »

Sept 1st. End of Summer? Not in Belize!

As those in the US of A have their last hurrah…last big weekend at the beach, last wearing for those white linen shorts (NO WHITE AFTER LABOR DAY!), last summer BBQ or clam boil…here in Belize, this time of year feels like the heart of summer. Autumn officially begins on September 21st – Belize’s IndependenceKeep reading »

Dude…Where’s My Sargasso? The Beach Clears…For Now

Sunday and early Monday morning a strange weather pattern swept parts of the US – snow storms, a blizzard (!!!!), heavy rain and strong winds.  A strange mid-April cold front that reached all the way to Belize. We are accustomed to colder weather in January and February – a few days here and there ofKeep reading »

Tropical Storm Nate Moves Off Our Coast

I’m getting quite a few questions this morning about the weather.  It’s been an incredibly active storm season around the Caribbean thus far and we in Belize have been lucky. Today, as Tropical Storm Nate skates a few hundred miles off shore, our good fortunes continue. We still need to monitor the storm websites –Keep reading »

Tropical Storm Harvey Pointed Towards Belize

Didn’t it seem like just yesterday that we were glued to our computers and radios monitoring the movement of a Tropical Storm?  Hurricane Franklin ended up heading north – making landfall above Mahahual, Mexico – leaving us with one mighty night of rainfall and our 2017 Storm prep skills oiled and ready. That was AugustKeep reading »

Ambergris Caye Does the Rain Dance: Water, Water Everywhere…

…and not a drop to drink.  From the poem – the Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Water, water, every where, And all the boards did shrink; Water, water, every where, Nor any drop to drink. Replace “boards” with “plants” and you are pretty spot-on with the situation.  Depending on who youKeep reading »

A March Friday On Ambergris Caye: WIND, Jet Lag and Our Coral Reef

The “Easter Winds” are BLOWING over Ambergris Caye, Belize.  There has been a small craft warning in effect for most of this week and it continues today.  (See Belize Hydromet for those updates.) Sunrise yesterday brought to you by jet lag… You can hear the waves roaring over the reef and the water is all churned up,Keep reading »

Easter Winds Come Early Washing Over Seawalls & Bringing Back The Sargasso

I wrote about the seasons in Belize a few years ago.  Though it took me a full year or two to really see them, THERE ARE SEASONS on Ambergris Caye.  It’s not just dry/tourist season and rainy/slow season. Here’s my run down:  Drier/sunnier/cooler season –> humidity picks up and Easter winds –>  HOT HUMID SUMMERKeep reading »

Polar Vortex Officially Over On Ambergris Caye, Belize

Picture this…you go out late at night to walk the dog.  The winds are whistling from the north…sand swirling about you.  You turn your collar up and hunker down…knowing this will be a very short walk for Elsie.  The temperature has dropped to 72 degrees fahrenheit. An official cold front in San Pedro. Sunday night, theKeep reading »

Beautiful Weather From Sunrise to Sunset: December in Belize

Oh goodness, yesterday was a gem.  Sure…we could have used a bit more of a breeze…but the clouds, the sun, the crystal clear, flat, sargasso-less sea…it was all pretty stunning.  Here are some pictures.  And if I had to guess, today is going to be much of the same. Low 80s, great visibility if youKeep reading »