Clear Skies, Laundry Day and A Walk Around San Pedro

5 days of rain in San Pedro, Belize is a lot…add in the fact that in many places just a few of those days dumped over a foot of rain and some of the localized flooding has become world-wide news. But I am very pleased to announce that yesterday THERE WAS SUN!  And the weather predictionsKeep reading »

A Ride Up the Ambergris Coast…Construction!

I know, I know…the story today FOR SURE is the massive amount of rain and wind we’ve been getting as a tropical depression passed over us this weekend.  Rain seems as though it will continue for the next few days but nothing like it Friday-Saturday.  Or let’s hope. My favorite sites to check current and futureKeep reading »

Tough to Mobilize for Fall Frenzy in this HEAT!

School starts next week…the stores are selling out of notebooks, pencils, backpacks… …or maybe not.  Are backpacks usually $135 to $175bzd.  YIKES! New uniforms are needed.  Suddenly kids are a year older.   The Roman Catholic School is getting cleaned and painted. And the September celebration gear is moving in…hurray…September celebrations in Belize! But let’sKeep reading »

Just A Beautiful Summer Day on Ambergris Caye, Belize

A few days on the mainland, then two rainy gray day in San Pedro and then WOW!  Yesterday was absolute Belize Caye perfection. I was up north and took a short walk around Rojo Beach Bar and their neighbor, Mata Chica Resort and here’s what I saw as the dark clouds moved out and the sea was leftKeep reading »

I Know You Don’t Want To…But Let’s Talk Hurricane Season 2015

It’s early.  I agree.  With beautiful weather like this?  Who wants to talk about hurricanes? But June 1st is the official start of the Hurricane Season and weather services are now issuing reports…our San Pedro NEMO group is meeting with the new Town Council (National Emergency Management Organization)… …and while storms tend to swirl inKeep reading »

Easter Winds Blow In A UDP Municipal Election Sweep and Some Changing Weather

Yesterday was the BIG day.  Municipal elections in San Pedro and across the country.  Our town has been covered in party paraphenalia.  In order of swag amounts, UDP (the incumbents & red), PUP (blue) and the newest independent party, VIP (yellow).  T-shirts, hats, FLAGS, hand outs…the stuff is everywhere. Here are some pictures around theKeep reading »

The Rainy Season is Upon Us and HOPEFULLY Wrapping up Soon

After an almost unreally beautifully start to November, it closed with…a bit of a squish.  Wet, rainy, grey with a chilly northern breeze.  The temperature almost dipped into the high 60s one night! Saturday was a beautiful break in the rain… but Sunday and Monday?  Pretty much rain outs. A few pictures that I tookKeep reading »

A Fish Eye in My Soup on A Stormy Day In San Pedro, Belize

Late summer and fall are the rainy or hurricane season in Belize – and for much of the tropics.   Tropical waves move in from the west and leave the weather map aswirl. So while it’s been a DRY summer and thankfully dry for September celebrations, we are now getting a bit of rain.  OverKeep reading »

The Cold Front Moves out and Leaves a GORGEOUS Day in San Pedro

Yesterday was a chilly rainy dark mess of a day for just about everyone.  But it was the tail end of the cold front…at last…and this morning, the sun rose over a pretty cloudless sky.  Here are a few picture along the beach in the Boca Del Rio area just north of San Pedro Town.Keep reading »

The Polar Vortex Moves into Belize And It’s Kinda Beautiful

Ha.  I’m not even sure what a polar vortex is…but the US News stations are ALL ABOUT IT right now.   Temperatures at ridiculous levels like -65F.  The Weather Channel asks:  How cold can it get? Brrrrr-meggedon 2014.   Late afternoon yesterday, the storm system moved from the north across Belize and it made forKeep reading »

It’s Chilly In Belize Too!

Chilly is relative.  And this is in no way a post to garner sympathy…not at all.  Purely informational.  There ARE seasons in Belize.  Those I have described in detail.  But like much of North America, Belize is being influenced by these cold fronts right now.  We get “cold” like this a few times each year…usually inKeep reading »