The Cold Front Moves out and Leaves a GORGEOUS Day in San Pedro

Yesterday was a chilly rainy dark mess of a day for just about everyone.  But it was the tail end of the cold front…at last…and this morning, the sun rose over a pretty cloudless sky.  Here are a few picture along the beach in the Boca Del Rio area just north of San Pedro Town.Keep reading »

The Polar Vortex Moves into Belize And It’s Kinda Beautiful

Ha.  I’m not even sure what a polar vortex is…but the US News stations are ALL ABOUT IT right now.   Temperatures at ridiculous levels like -65F.  The Weather Channel asks:  How cold can it get? Brrrrr-meggedon 2014.   Late afternoon yesterday, the storm system moved from the north across Belize and it made forKeep reading »

It’s Chilly In Belize Too!

Chilly is relative.  And this is in no way a post to garner sympathy…not at all.  Purely informational.  There ARE seasons in Belize.  Those I have described in detail.  But like much of North America, Belize is being influenced by these cold fronts right now.  We get “cold” like this a few times each year…usually inKeep reading »

Sunny Days in Belize: There Are Many

On a rainy day, I thought I’d sort through some of my thousands of pictures and find some sunny days.  If you are visiting at this moment, you probably think you’ve been lured to Belize under fake pretenses but trust me, the sun usually shines. Let me prove it to you. Looking north from RoyalKeep reading »

Invest 92L Sits Off Ambergris Caye But Not Doing Much Else…

The first real tropical anything (system, wave, hiccup…whatever we want to call it) is currently doing its thing off the coast of Belize.  Wind gusts up to 30mph, moving WNW at 12mph (all on the pic from that I copied just a few minutes ago) but for us in San Pedro?  We are thankfullyKeep reading »

A Little Rain and A Lot of Sand Flies

After a week or more of perfect, GORGEOUS weather, the clouds have moved in bringing with them very heavy night time rains.  Pools are back at their rims and cisterns are over flowing.Yesterday afternoon was very pretty but you could see those dark clouds lurking all day. Here is the view this morning…from the otherKeep reading »

A Few Things I Did On A Very Grey Day

Very early morning yesterday (around 2-3am), the sky lit up with lightening and then the heavy rain started.  Pouring rain.  And it left us with a grey, overcast but delightfully cool day…all day.My friend invited me for a walk.  Hmmmm…just cool enough to get a bit of exercise. Victoria House is closed for a fewKeep reading »

No Liquor Served During Hurricane Ernesto in San Pedro: Is it a Problem?

San Pedro, Belize’s economy revolves around tourism.  No one can deny that.  I’d say that everyone who makes a living on this island does something directly or indirectly related to attracting visitors and making sure they have a good time when they are here.  That often involves the consumption of a cocktail or ten. OverKeep reading »

Hurricane Ernesto in San Pedro, Belize: The Morning After?

It actually doesn’t feel like “the morning after” at all…as of 8am, we are experiencing the heaviest winds since this storm moved so dangerously close to Ambergris Caye.(Picture from late yesterday afternoon.) The water came up high, but not dangerously so (not much higher than the picture above at Mata Rocks).  And we were luckyKeep reading »

Some Great Weather Last Week: South Of Town & Boca Del Rio

Today is the unofficial start of summer in the US, Memorial Day…for that reason and in an effort to gloss over the fact that I have nothing better to talk about, here are a bunch of pictures from the end of last week.  Both walking on the beach south of town and a bit ofKeep reading »

I Hate To Be the Bearer of Bad News: It’s Raining

But many of you know that already.  You’ve been grabbing your umbrella on the way out the door for a few days now…The weather has ranged from full blown, drenching rain to on-and-off sprinkles to hot, humid sun with looming clouds.  Not ideal…but as we move into the rainier season, we need to expect itKeep reading »

Yesterday: Complete Weather Perfection

After a mild winter in the northeast United States, they are now shivering with heavy wet snow, rain and just unseasonably chilly weather for the end of April.  The cold front yesterday brought us a wind from the northwest, low low humidity and THE MOST GORGEOUS DAY.  Today looks like more of the same.  ShouldKeep reading »