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How to Dress Like A Local For Cold Weather in Belize

Before you even say it…I KNOW!   If you are not in Belize, I’m sure you are somewhere much colder.  Much colder. But our first “cold front” blew in last night and it is downright chilly.  Dipping into the low seventies with a serious north wind (up to 40 mph), most of us are wakingKeep reading »

5 Reasons You Should Be In San Pedro on September 21st

People think of visiting Belize around big holidays like Christmas, New Years and Easter or for Lobsterfest or Costa Maya.  And those days/events are all great.  But when asked, my favorite holiday BAR NONE is September 21st, Independence Day in Belize.  You need to experience it one time.  Hurricanes be damned. This year, Belize turnsKeep reading »