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A Sunday Trip North of The Bridge Part Two: Ak’Bol and CocoBeach

Picking up where I left off yesterday…after Palapa Bar and just around the bend is Ak’Bol Yoga Retreat (2 docks north if you are on the beach).  I’ve heard from lots of people for years that this place is great (particularly my friend Sheryl from Portland, OR) and that the food prices are some of the best on the north side of the island.  But I do not like yoga. (Even though I’ve tried it only once).  I am hard set against it.   Plus, I hardly ever go up north so I’d never been.

We pulled in and fell in love.  This place is gorgeous.  Perfect blue water with a perfect dock with perfect stairs so that swimming is easy.  The bar is just about perfect too.

A picture of the bar.

But first…we’d taken this trip to see CocoBeach.  Rumor on the island is that it has the best pool in all of Belize.  And that rumor is not wrong.   We left Ak’Bol after one beer promising to return in an hour.  I am, of course , a volunteer journalist and I had work to do.  (It’s a very tough job).

The road turns seriously bumpy and pretty darn ugly after Ak’Bol/Grand Caribe…so ladies, wear your sports bras and bring your mosquito spray.  You might want to think about the water taxi.

Here’s a look at the pool at CocoBeach.

 The bar sits right below one of the condo buildings…it’s pretty cool.

Lots of very comfy beach chairs…and the sand slopes right into the pool.  Perfect for kids. But it must make it tough for pool cleaning.

My friend Jamie lounging by the pool.
One pool has this crazy waterslide…kids were all over this thing.  Even jumping off the top of this “rock” structure.

 I’ve never seen so many new bikes in Belize.  Not even at the bike stores in town.

CocoBeach has a great pool.  An amazing pool.  But this resort could be anywhere in the world…I wasn’t getting the Belize feel that I like…natural palapas, sand floors, and wooden chairs on the beach.  This place was almost too nice for me…faux rock structures, water slides, astroturf and high-end bars.  Don’t get me wrong though.  I’d love to stay here for a week.  I’m sure these brand new buildings and rooms are gorgeous.  But you guys know me…I’m all about “keeping it real”.

So back to Ak’Bol.  Check out the bar menu.  Breakfast all day?  Chocolate pancakes?  Coconut french toast?  Pupusas?  Smoothies?  Hummus?  Love, love, love it. 

They’ve also just hired one of my favorite bartenders, Ellen.  Here is the view from the bar.

Even the bathroom is uber-cute and beachy.

We hung out on the dock all day and even returned the day after.
Here is the sign that you pass on the way home.  This little menace was no where to be seen.  “Yo Quiero Taco Bell”.  Ahhh…if only there was one in Belize.

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2 thoughts on “A Sunday Trip North of The Bridge Part Two: Ak’Bol and CocoBeach

  1. Lori P.

    So glad you had the chance to spend some time at Ak’bol. Isn’t it great!! Once in a great while when I get a chance for a few hours of total enjoyment, Ak’bol is my choice! Kirsten, Mileo and their family are truly lovely people.

  2. Rob

    You stopped ONE resort from my place at Belizean Shores. Coco Beaches older sister. Much more true to the Belize life, and much more low key.



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