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So now that you know a bit about me and my site, let's talk about how we can work together to reach an audience that is very interested in all things Belize.

I've spent over a decade sharing photos, thoughts, and ideas on my blog and social media.


Dramatic skies

Dramatic skies in downtown San Pedro


Building credibility and an engaged audience that I think can fit into a few distinct categories:

  • First-time visitors planning a Belize adventure: These folks are looking for inspiration, travel tips, must-see attractions, and insider knowledge to plan their vacation.
  • Belize enthusiasts always planning their next trip back: This group is hooked. They want to follow the latest news and events from the island and across the country to stay connected and fuel their next vacation plans.
  • Frequent visitors, aspiring and current property owners: This segment includes those who dream of owning their slice of paradise in Belize, as well as those who have already made that dream a reality. They are interested in updates, advice, and resources related to everything Ambergris Caye.
  • Belizeans (local and abroad) and expats residing full or part-time in Belize  The people who live here are the best at sharing information, lots of recommendations, and yes, gossip.  Word of mouth is still a HUGE source of information in Belize for visitors and for locals.  The person with the best recommendations (aside from this site, of course( is usually your tour guide or bartender.


Demographics for 2022:

  • Readers in USA:  64%, Belize: 22%, Canada, 5%, Mexico and UK 1%


My Audience:


I also wrote a book all about what I think makes Ambergris Caye SO special. To date, it has sold over 5000 copies and has 4.6/5 stars and 235 reviews on Amazon.


50 Big Experiences

Published in 2019


50 BIG Experiences on Ambergris Caye: The 2nd Edition is coming in summer/fall of 2023.


So.  If you would like to reach that audience, share your project or real estate offering  - alongside positive content about the country - and get featured on my homepage in the SPONSORED CONTENT SECTION, message me.

I am planning to focus on real estate - new developments, homes for sale, land, and islands (yes please!) because I know my readers will be very interested and I love getting the inside scoop in this field.

But if you think there is something else that would be a good fit...

Let's talk!

I'm no longer taking local advertisements on my site - instead, you'll see Google-type ads.  It allows me to focus on what I love - taking photos, finding things I love to tell you about, writing, social media, and sharing the scoop - not negotiations, sales, and collections.  I hope you understand - this is most certainly a work in progress and could change in the future.  (We can't always just do what we love...)

Contact me to discuss the details and see if this makes sense for your business

Here is an example of what this sponsored post could look like for you:

Beautiful Still Waters Rental Home on Ambergris Caye


Additionally, I do not accept outside sponsored content or paid links.  Thanks for understanding.